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Modifying Cursor Sets
Anonymous Me
on March 28th 2021

Hello! I have a few pressing questions:

1. How can I rearrange cursors in a set?

I don't always make them in order, so when I add them, the set sometimes looks like a mess.

2. How do I choose/change what 3 cursors are shown in the cursor thumbnail?

I originally thought that was determined by the first three added to the cursor set, however for some reason the cursor thumbnail for my Moribito set changed to show different cursors. I liked the three I had before. How can I change it back?

If one or both of these tasks are currently impossible to do on this site, then please treat this post as a feature recommendation post.

**If anyone has any ideas regarding anything I mentioned, PLEASE respond**

on August 31st 2021

Usually the 3 cursors that were uploaded first are on the thumbnail.

on October 18th 2021

Not gonna lie, that would be a pretty good feature.
Thumbnails, where you can choose which cursors are on it.
The automatic feature is pretty good, although i did have the same problem with my ruby set.

on December 20th 2021

hallo allemaal. ik ben rian en maak gebruik van jullie website, maar ik heb een
een probleem ik kan mijn cursor niet in een andere vorm krijgen net als van jullie op pagina hebben staan wat moet ik nu doen?

Account not found
on October 10th 2022

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on September 7th 2023

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