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Modifying Cursor Sets
Anonymous Me
on March 28th

Hello! I have a few pressing questions:

1. How can I rearrange cursors in a set?

I don't always make them in order, so when I add them, the set sometimes looks like a mess.

2. How do I choose/change what 3 cursors are shown in the cursor thumbnail?

I originally thought that was determined by the first three added to the cursor set, however for some reason the cursor thumbnail for my Moribito set changed to show different cursors. I liked the three I had before. How can I change it back?

If one or both of these tasks are currently impossible to do on this site, then please treat this post as a feature recommendation post.

**If anyone has any ideas regarding anything I mentioned, PLEASE respond**

on August 31st

Usually the 3 cursors that were uploaded first are on the thumbnail.

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