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Select => color losses (RWPaint)

on July 24th 2021

Make a new image, color it with 1 color (not black),
click on "select" tool, and pick the first one. (to rotate the selection)

Select a zone, unselect it and check (color picker) if the color is still the same. (it has changed isn't it?)

Is it a bug?
How can I prevent RWPaint to do that? ;-)
Or, how can I rotate something 90° without using this tool?

on August 31st 2021

I seems to be a bug, thanks for the report. Some colors are sometimes incorrectly "rounded" down. As a workaround, you can switch from "Smoothing" to "No smoothing" mode in the toolbar above the canvas while using this tool. In that case, it should preserve the color.

on September 14th 2021

Thank you very very much Vlasta :-) You totally saved me! It was making me quite crazy. xD

on December 28th 2022


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