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Change icon of RW Paint

I wanna create a shortcut to my desktop and task bar for RW Paint. How do I change the icon to a custom one? The change icon is
on October 7th 2021

The button is grey. How do I change it? Opening file path doesn't do anything.

on December 14th 2021

Here's the process:

1. Create a shortcut for the application. You can click-and-drag the application file while holding both [Control] and [Shift] to easily create a shortcut.
2. Once you create a shortcut to the application, simply right-click on the shortcut, then select "Properties".
3. You should navigate the Properties window so that "Shortcut" is the section highlighted.
4. You can then click on "Change Icon..." to change it's icon.
5. From there, you can use the "Browse..." button to go to the icon file you want.
6. After selecting the icon file, click "OK", then click "Apply".
7. The icon for the shortcut should change. If it does not, refresh the folder.

Hopefully this will help you out!

on March 24th 2022

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