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How to make a seamless / tileable in RWPaint?

on November 22nd 2021

I am searching for an option to make a seamless or tileable image in RWPaint; expected behaviour: click on the icon, the grey background of RWPaint repeat the image instead.
I could not find it. Can you help me? I am not even sure that a script could to that, as it's not really about painting inside an image.

on November 23rd 2021

Hi GodRage!
If you want, on friday i can teach you if you want :-)
Just add me on discord if you want: Phant0m_Within#8272

on November 23rd 2021

If you explain how to do here, on this thread, it will helps anyone else. ;-)

on October 7th 2022

I found a way to make seamless images in RWPaint. It's not very convenient but it works:

Select: Move tool
Right panel: pick the first option.

on December 30th 2022

Make sonic!!!

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What about ICL files?
I wish there were...