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RWIconEditor Standart License Voucher

Does this activates RWIconEditor without buying?
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on September 12th 2022


i have 3 OSes on my laptop (Sorted by release date):
1. Windows Vista
2. Windows 7
3. Windows 8

I dual-boot my laptop.

2 days ago the free trial of the RWIconEditor on windows 7 from my laptop ended, i tried to reinstall RWIconEditor but it didn't work, I dont have any buttons cuz i wasted all my 5 remaining on a spray paint, and the item/voucher-16273.png image voucher costs 200 buttons, if you have buyed this item before, can you please tell me if this activates RWIconEditor? Honestly i dont have any good reward,my reward is a item/wrapping-paper-2.png image Piece of wrapping paper.

on September 13th 2022

You can use the "Daily (unstable)" build - there is small link below the main download link.

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on September 13th 2022

Ok thanks Vlasta, also is your username color navy or is actually a link already pressed?

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What about ICL files?
I wish there were...
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