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Bug report - RW Paint

on October 21st

closest neighbor 300%

resize goes wrong by 1 pixel.

How to reproduce the bug:
Make a 16x16 image.
draw 1 pixel in the middle.
Resize image to 48*48 or by 300%
(Method is 1st choice: closest neighbor)
The 1 pixel became a 2x2 square, instead of a 3x3 square.

Alternate reproduction:
draw 1 pixel in each corner of the image,
resize to 300%
top-left is now a 4x4 square, top-right is a 2x3 rectangle, bottom-right is 2x2 square.

on October 21st

This is fixed in the preview build and will make it into the main build eventually.

on October 21st

Good to know :-) Fixed in RWpaint64. :-)

Found a new bug.

Ctrl + click: RGB value may change

Version: Daily (unstable): RWPaint64.zip (13.0 MB)

When using Ctrl to pick a color

How to reproduce the bug:
Pencil, take a color (tested with #190D00 and #EFF363)
draw a pixel,
the color you will draw next is not the same.

on October 21st

Good find, I'll make sure to fix it.

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