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Bug report - RW Paint

on October 21st 2022

closest neighbor 300%

resize goes wrong by 1 pixel.

How to reproduce the bug:
Make a 16x16 image.
draw 1 pixel in the middle.
Resize image to 48*48 or by 300%
(Method is 1st choice: closest neighbor)
The 1 pixel became a 2x2 square, instead of a 3x3 square.

Alternate reproduction:
draw 1 pixel in each corner of the image,
resize to 300%
top-left is now a 4x4 square, top-right is a 2x3 rectangle, bottom-right is 2x2 square.

on October 21st 2022

This is fixed in the preview build and will make it into the main build eventually.

on October 21st 2022

Good to know :-) Fixed in RWpaint64. :-)

Found a new bug.

Ctrl + click: RGB value may change

Version: Daily (unstable): RWPaint64.zip (13.0 MB)

When using Ctrl to pick a color

How to reproduce the bug:
Pencil, take a color (tested with #190D00 and #EFF363)
draw a pixel,
the color you will draw next is not the same.

on October 21st 2022

Good find, I'll make sure to fix it.

on January 17th 2023

Are you abandoning mouse gestures?
Doesn't work anymore in newest daily version.

on January 18th 2023

That is a bug, it will work again in later build.

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