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Windows not working with 48x48 cursor I made.

on November 11th 2022

When I open the cursor in the software, it shows what I've originally made. But when I set it as my mouse cursor, it only shows the cursor I made for Normal Select. And for the animated ones, they don't even show at all. They show in the software. But when I apply them as my cursor, they don't show anything. Is there some sort of thing on my computer that's not allowing me to use a 48x48 res cursor? I'm using a Windows 11 computer. Any help?

on November 11th 2022

Windows uses the size it is set to and just takes what it needs from the .cur or .ani file. If you want to use the 48x48 pixels version, you must first convince Windows that it should use this size. It was impossible or hard in older Windows, but in 11 there is a setting in the options, if I remember correctly.

on November 12th 2022

Could you tell me where this option is?

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