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Image Size in animated cursors

on November 28th 2022

Hi all!

Is it possible to change the image size in each frame all at once? There are 48 frames and I want to make the animated image smaller.

Thanks for any info!

on November 28th 2022

It is possible, but it can be tricky, it depends on what exactly you want the result to be.

In the Cursor menu, there is a "Change size..." item that can be used to change the image formats in your cursor. But it will also change the canvas size and you probably want to keep that. You can do that by first setting the size to something smaller while keeping the method to Resample. And the you can resize back to 32 (or whatever the original size was) while setting the method to Crop.

Alternatively, you can select all frames and go to Image->More transformations->Transformation and play with that. You have to set the coordinates of the target rectangle in 0-1 range. In order to resize for example to 80%, the coordinates should be 0,0 0.8,0 0.8,0.8 and 0,0.8

on November 28th 2022

Thanks fir the reply! I'll give it a shot!

on January 6th 2023

thank you

on March 4th 2023

Hi Vlasta,
I read this content, it was very useful. Thanks for sharing such a Excllent Knowledge.

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