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Website gallery: smileys and textures libraries

Suggestions for the website
on February 2nd 2023

Hi, have you noticed how many (animated) smileys are posted as cursor just with a tiny cursor added in the corner?
Even on a 1366x768 laptop the cursor is too small to be used well. (miss-click heavy)
So, here is my proposition.


So, a new Smiley-library in the gallery would do:
1/ having a smiley dedicated gallery that will be usefull.
2/ clear the cursor gallery because actually to find any usable cursor, you better know the name of the artist or go search on another website.
Emoji-library seems more international than Smiley-library...


Many games use 32x32 textures, sometimes even bigger textures (64x64, 128x128).
1/ Most famous game of history is Minecraft, with it's original 16x16 textures, and most of these people use "32x32 texture pack".
2/ Opensource games are usually full of programmers that need free-to-use arts, and usually there is no artist on github-like collaborative websites.
3/ Such Textures can also make good repeat-background image on websites.

Texture-library may be a "no limitation" category where users can put their creations that do not fit cursor/icons/smileys. Even though I would prefer an "Other-library" for pure art that do not fall under other library.

Adding a tiny cursor in the angle of a sprite doesn't make a good cursor.

What do you think?

on July 15th 2023


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