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Hue shift doesn't work with raster layers (Daily RWPaint64)

on February 15th

Hello, I have been a long time user of this software and to my delight, I have discovered that there is a 64bit version, and so far it has been relatively stable, especially for an indev version.
However I have discovered that hue shifting does not function with raster layers. When I try to use it, it doesn't do anything and spits out a 0x8000ffff error. The hue shift works perfectly fine with vector layers, and I haven't tried 3D layers yet.
I hope that this report can be of use in further developing the newest version of RWPaint.

on June 1st

I hope Anonymous people will soon get cleaned....

I found another bug related to layers.
Having 2 drawing layers, select 1 layer, click Fusion and error message pop instead of doing the "fusion all layers" that the 32bits version was doing.
Error: 0x80004005
RWpaint 64 (2023.1) french version.

on June 2nd

Yes, for now, you'll have to select all layers to merge them, but it will be fixed later.

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