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How do I install downloaded cursors

I have realworld cursors, realworld editor, but don't know what to do with them
on July 10th 2023

Over the past years I have downloaded & installed cursors to replace Microsoft’s dull and losable set, and always the procedure was user-friendly and instructions were clear. I have the neverlost set from realworld and the Realworld cursor editor, but it's all in geekspeak and I have no idea what I must do to install the cursors in my computer. Please, I need a step by step set of instructions.

on September 23rd 2023

Sixty (!) views and not one of you effing assholes bothered to help me with a supposedly simple operation. Anyone who is not designing cursors--f. ex. someone who just wants to download and install your cursors--is not worth your attention. I really like your work. I wish you were more like human beings.

on November 4th 2023

Open the windows start menu, type "mouse" and look for the setting called 'Change how the mouse pointer looks' in the control panel tab, click it, then just apply the cursors from your set onto the template using the 'Browse...' button, then save, and hit apply.

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