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Gamma Correction is broken in RW Paint 2023.1

the option to adjust it was removed, so you can't fix it normally, either
on October 3rd 2023

Gamma Correction is broken, when you place down a color, 1 (in hexadecimal) is automatically added to them, I've determined that this is due to the fact that 2023.1 is likely using 2.22 Gamma Correction, instead of 2.2.
rsrc/Screenshot_2023-10-03_142636.png image
In 2013.1, this wasn't an issue, because in application options, under the Colors tab, there was a box which let you input a custom Gamma Correction.
Steps to reproduce:
Create a random color, (colors near the middle work best), and just place down the color, then, use the Dropper tool and click on the placed down color, repeat this many times, and you'll see the color isn't the same as the one you originally started with.

If Gamma Correction was re-added, that would solve this issue.

on October 3rd 2023

The new version is using sRGB mapping instead of configurable gamma for internal operations. When drawing the window, a faster, less accurate algorithm is used when displaying the image, which may result in values off by 1 in some cases. If you save the image, the value is correct, it is just a display issue. If you use the proper dropper tool (or hold CTRL while using Pencil, Brush, etc.), which reads the color directly from the layer instead of the "From screen pixel" option in the color panel, you'll get the correct result. Also, when you set zoom to 100% so no rescaling is needed, you'll get the correct result as well. This will eventually be fixed when the editor window is redesigned.

on October 3rd 2023

Oh, thank you! I didn't know about the proper dropper tool!

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