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Need solution to perfectiviez image

Removing Persistent Tiny Color Boxes After Magic Wand Tool
on October 25th 2023

Hello Realworld Paint community,

I've recently encountered an issue with the Magic Wand tool in Realworld Paint that I'm hoping to get some assistance with. When I use the Magic Wand to remove a specific color from an image, it generally works as expected. However, my problem is that after the initial color removal, tiny single boxes of the same removed color persist in each of the image's corners.

For instance, if I'm working on a letter "W," there are three tiny boxes of the color I'm trying to remove in each corner of the letter. Manually selecting and deleting each of these tiny boxes with the "Simple Select" tool is time-consuming and, if not removed, leaves a subtle shade of the initially removed color.

I'm wondering if there's a more efficient way to ensure that the entire color and these tiny boxes are completely removed, so I can achieve a clean, uniform result. Any suggestions or tips on how to tackle this issue would be greatly appreciated, as it's becoming quite a time-consuming challenge.

Thank you in advance for any help you can provide!

on October 25th 2023

autocorrect used the word "perfectiviez" in the title when I was trying to write perfect or optimize. Sorry about that!

on October 25th 2023

If there is for example a black letter W on a white background and pixels on the edges of the letter are gray, the magic wand will not in general be able to remove the white completely. Depending on the set tolerance, it will select lighter or darker shades, but the result will not be ideal.

on October 25th 2023

Thank you for your reply, Vlasta.

I wish I could upload an image to show you exactly what I'm referring to. Usually in Photoshop, the background is white, and the text colors differ. The letter "W" was just an example; another example would be the letter "E," which has 4 90-degree corners. The magic wand removes the white background completely but leaves a tiny white box in the 90-degree angle on all 90-degree angles of the whole image, which could take over an hour to remove by zooming in on every corner and deleting one box.

I'm curious to know if there is a way around this.

I also tried selecting the background and pressing delete several times, but the problem with this is that the image or text starts becoming thinner and loses its shape. Another example would be the capital letter "D." The middle of it keeps the white background, which has to be removed. However, the 90-degree corner of it inside still keeps a tiny single box to be removed separately.

on October 26th 2023

I probably know what you mean. If it always were a black text on a white background (assuming the image is not a .jpg with compression artifacts), it would be possible to do what you want perfectly by moving the color channel to the alpha channel and setting color to black (using for example a simple script). But if it is a more general case, it is not trivial to determine what is a background and what is a foreground if a pixel is an unknown mixture of both. The magic wand tool just either select a pixels or does not select a pixel, it cannot select a pixel partially, so you either keep pixels with some amount of background or delete pixels with some amount of foreground.

If it is just about text, it may be easier and faster to just type the same text.

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