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GIF not opening in RW Paint

on November 4th

I was trying to open a GIF, and it gave me this error,
I'm not sure what is causing it as I opened a similar GIF just a few moments before, and it worked fine, now both the GIFs don't work including the one that worked at first.
Here's the error:
rsrc/tried_opening_a_gif.png image

on November 4th

That seems strange, does creating a new image still work? Have you reconfigured anything?

on November 4th

creating a new image still works, and while I have reconfigured stuff, the gif used to work just fine, and I didn't change anything from the last time I opened the gif, and it just stopped working, but I guess here's a list of the stuff I changed:

Main Window:
Show layout name
Color pick value range: 255
Decimal places: 5
Color button palette:
Similar colors
Recently used colors

this is everything I've configured, hope this helps

on November 4th

Also, I tried opening the gif in the newer 2023.1 version, and instead of just not opening, it did this instead

rsrc/2023ver.png image

on November 4th

Perhaps there is something wrong with that particular gif. I can look at it if you send it to

The new version opened it as a text document, probably because the gif decoded did not accepted it.

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