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Incorrect in Win10/11 saved in RW cursor editor

Max Sparrow
on November 26th 2023

The screen has a resolution of 2880*1800 pixels, cursors are displayed in high resolution. But as soon as I take one of the *.сur files, which is displayed perfectly, I open it in the RW Cursor Editor, save it without changes, apply the new file in the system cursor settings and it appears blurry. To clarify, I signed all the cursor sizes and saw that it is displayed in size 48*48 pixels, although the file also contains sizes 64*64, 96*96 and 128*128. This problem only occurs with files resaved by the RW Cursor Editor. The latest version of the program.

Is this a known problem?

I also discovered that files saved in the RW Cursor Editor cannot be opened in inkscape; instead of an image, low-resolution colored noise is imported.

on November 26th 2023

This is a curious thing, thanks for the report. It seems like I have made a mistake somewhere or there is something weird going on.

Anyway, to fix this, go to Options and on the Cursor tab, change the setting to Never.

This turns off PNG compression for cursors (that would be the reason you are seeing garbage pixels in inkscape, which does not expect it). The weird thing is, if you set it to Always (to use PNG for all the images), the cursor looks fine (not blurry) in Windows 11. So, it looks like Windows is happy to accept the plain uncompressed cursors and also happy to accept the fully compressed ones, but for some reason does not like the ones, where only large images are compressed. Or I am generating these somehow incorrectly, I'll have to investigate this.

Max Sparrow
on November 26th 2023

Thank you for your prompt response!

And in fact, disabling compression solved both problems :-) Inkscape now opens files without problems and they are displayed correctly in Windows.

From my wishes, I can say that there is a lack of a horizontal scrollbar in the left block with a choice of cursor size. I have to constantly stretch the panel and push it back often.

I like the program because it perfectly converts to and from PNG, allowing me to work in any editor convenient for me. Thanks for your product!

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