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Need an option to add custom loading animation to the cursor

In CursorEditor it's not possible to add custom animation, or generate animation frames by rotating specific part of the cursor
on March 1st

Hi there!
I created my own cursor set, but found it impossible to create custom "working" cursor with RealWorld Cursor Editor. It has great generators for a few "loading" cursor styles, but if none of them fit your taste you are out of luck.

I would like to see ability to add your own gif animation as loading indicator (choose the placement and generate frames of cursor animation from this gif file). Or at least, ability to generate new frames based on the rotation of specific area of the cursor (not the whole cursor).


on March 1st

You can convert gifs to cursors and modify them as you see fit.

on March 1st

If would require to modify every each frame of gif to add a "regular" cursor in it. Would be great to have advanced frame generater, like the existing built-in "segments" loading cursor generator – but the one which will accept any static image, place it relative to the regular cursor, and then animate only this image.

For example, if I want to create a "working" cursor with spinning hourglass, I could manually create one frame with regular cursor and any image from the internet in the bottom right corner, and then use such tool to generate 24 frames with only the hourglass in the corner rotating.

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I wish there were...
What about ICL files?