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Can't pick color on secondary display

on April 1st

When trying to pick color using the pick color tool on any realworld software, it does nothing on a secondary display. It only works when it's on the primary display, which can be quite annoying as sometimes I have unity open or a video playing on my primary display.

on April 2nd

Thanks for the report. The "From screen pixel" button creates a transparent fullscreen window that is then captured and a pixel color is read. In case of multiple displays, there would need to be multiple windows, not a trivial fix, but doable. In the meantime, the "Dropper" tool can sometimes help (if you are using raster layers; also, if you are in a raster layer and have a tool that draws something selected, you can hold CTRL and click to read the color of a canvas pixel).

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I wish there were...
What about ICL files?