A competition for icon authors

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Olympic games icon competition

With the Olympic games started, we are announcing a competiton for icon authors. Create icons related to the Olympic games and win free software, not mentioning the everlasting glory and sweet feeling of victory.


The competition ends on the same day as the Olympic games and winners will be announced on August 25th 2008.

Best icons or icon sets will be chosen by this web's admins and the following criteria will be taken into account:

  • uniqueness,
  • craftsmanship,
  • artistic style,
  • amount of icons (is it a single icon or a whole set?)
  • and opinions of people (look at the resources section below and discuss your favorites on discussion boards).

How to participate?

Create one or more icons or icon sets related to the Olympic games and add them to the library of icons on this web. Alternatively, you can send the icons with a short description to info@rw-designer.com and we will add them to the library for you.

Acceptable icons: icons related to Olympic games in general, to summer sports, to Beijing, motives seen during the opening ceremony, etc.

Important: icons created from photographs of participating athlets are NOT acceptable.



The 2 winners of this competition (Olympics by Jeremy and Olympics by MEGADETHFAN3000) have received a free professional license for RealWorld Icon Editor 2008.1.