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JDDellGuy (2011-04-09 06:14:16):

Feels like it was designed for lefties.

Lost Girl (2011-04-09 06:52:03):

Oh, well it was universal............ :-o

Lost Girl (2011-04-09 11:04:30):

I don't think many people like this set..........icon-5303
That's a bit of a shame. icon-5301 I put so much effort into those cursors..........icon-5322

Lost Girl (2011-04-09 11:05:48):

icon-5319 icon-5301

Unknown author (2011-04-10 15:31:59):

U don't need to listen to people who don't like it. Remember that you tried your hardest (not a thats what she said joke) and we're only human. Hope this helps you. :-)

Lost Girl (2011-04-10 22:19:41):

Thanks mate.

JDDellGuy (2011-04-10 23:53:09):

That's the problem with end-users. They don't care about the effort, only the end result... I'm both obviously. I design, but I also use the work that others have made if I like it. These are OK, but well...better stuff exists. It just takes practice.

Glad you like my emoticons BTW...

Lost Girl (2011-04-10 23:58:13):

I think you should make an animated version of your emoticons. g2g, sorry, I have a Battle of Long Tan assignment to do.

Nintendo (2012-03-11 15:09:00):

uhmmm.... this is pretty awkward to say but the guns are not shaded right at all :/

Lost Girl (2012-03-11 23:31:38):

Web browser Ike

Unknown author (2012-03-23 00:34:28):

:-D ha u worked hard i made a HK USP in less then 3 min and a mac in les then 2 lol and the have clips sights and the part the bullet comes out of

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