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Alternate email:tonirumbel9@gmail.com
Alternate email:flygirl_145@hotmail.com

Hey everyone! My name's Toni Rumbel and I'm 17 years old. I love to read, write stories, pull things apart, bushwalk and write poetry. My favourite books to read at the moment are historical war books (preferably from the 19th century onwards.). The stories I usually write are war ones, but I do write romance novels, action and adventrue novels and novels about racisim and prejudice. You can see the books I write at the following website:

  I'm a secondary school student and a history enthusiast. I love everything to do with military history from the 20th century and on and when I finish school, I want to either work with special education people or be in the naval forces.

Feel free to send me a PM regarding cursor/ software design.
Toni Rumbel

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Gradient Cursors (5 cursors)

Released on June 6th 2012 by Lost Girl

This is my first cursor set that actually uses gradient colours.

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Gradient Clock TeaserGradient Clock Cursors
by Lost Girl296This is a floow-up of my gradient cursors. Enjoy!
Gradient TeaserGradient Cursors
by Lost Girl311This is my first cursor set that actually uses gradient colours. Enjoy!
Mario Star TeaserMario Star Cursors
by Lost Girl276This image was taken off Google images and I used it as the basis for...
Brown and Green TeaserBrown and Green Cursors
by Lost Girl90This is my first cursor set. Please tell me what you think.
Multi Stripes TeaserMulti Stripes Cursors
by Lost Girl160This is a set I've just thought up, using the RW Designer cursor as a...
Racing Flag TeaserRacing Flag Cursors
by Lost Girl27This is a set I'm currenlty working on. It may be a while before it's...
Bicoloured Stripes TeaserBicoloured Stripes Cursors
by Lost Girl458This is a set that I'm going to be working on during the next few wee...
Arrows TeaserArrows Cursors
by Lost Girl158This i different cursor arrows.
Diamond TeaserDiamond Cursors
by Lost Girl117This is a diamond set that I\'ve made because I have nothing to do. P...
Love Hearts TeaserLove Hearts Cursors
by Lost Girl726Love heart cursors for all those love-doves out there!

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user icon Lost Girl registered user on May 2nd 2012

I'm sad and you know why if you've read my blog.

user icon JDDellGuy contributing user on May 2nd 2012

Well, you said you're depressed, but you didn't say why you're depressed, so I don't exactly know the cause of the sadness. Hope it gets better though. icon-image/4580-16x16x32.png image

user icon Lost Girl registered user on May 2nd 2012

Yes, I just did by you talking to me.

user icon JDDellGuy contributing user on May 2nd 2012

icon-image/4575-16x16x32.png image Glad to hear it. icon-image/4589-16x16x32.png image

user icon Lost Girl registered user on May 2nd 2012


user icon Anonymous registered user on May 5th 2012

I Like Pulling Things Apart Too. I Have PC That Is In Pieces. But I'm Sorry I Did It Now :-(

user icon Lost Girl registered user on May 6th 2012

You're stupid for doing that. Is there any chance of fixing it?

user icon absterninja registered user on May 14th 2012

I finally finished your icon set. I hope you like them!

user icon cdl contributing user on September 4th 2012

my fav in the blog is "old tuna sandwich"..
from yesterday even! OMG! def eew!, double EEW!!

makes me lol though.. hope you didn't eat it!
icon-image/6385-32x32x32.png image

user icon hunter17p registered user on October 28th 2014

racism is freaking my old friend(no longer friends with)called a black guy on the bus nigger then got beat up 2 days later

user icon Anonymous
What about ICL files?
I wish there were...
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