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JDDellGuy (2011-04-11 02:20:12 / 3.5 stars):

You are improving already. Thye quality itself of the cursors is better than that of your other cursors.

I would be interested in seeing the whole set if you complete them. Myself, I probably will not use them, but I imagine that some other people would. Maybe not hordes of people, but there are surely a few people who woul be interested. :-)

Depending on the quality of the rest of the cursors if you make them you'd be looking at about 3.5 stars if this quality is consistent throughout the set.

Lost Girl (2011-04-11 03:51:47):

Yeah, I have to be careful how I do the pixles though.............They're very tempermental in the online cursor editor.

JDDellGuy (2011-04-11 05:08:43):

Coming along well. A full set is 15 cursors with each one filling a specific role. (Link select, Normal, Busy, Working in background, etc.)

Lost Girl (2011-04-11 06:59:29):

I'm having major hassles with my USB stick at the moment!

Lost Girl (2011-04-11 09:57:35):

My set is gonna be all different types of normal cursors.

JDDellGuy (2011-04-11 14:06:15):

It doesn't have to be a USB stick to run the non-install version of the desktop program. You can run it from the desktop or the my documents folder, etc. as well. You just have to unzip the .zip file to get the program and then put it wherever you want to. I'm assuming you know how to do that. Do you?

Lost Girl (2011-04-12 01:33:12):

I'm not that stupid. Besides, I'm not uing the 265 MB USB stick for that! I'm using it to back up my assignments. It doesn't look like it's workin ow that I've decided to do that though. Maybe it haes me, who knows?

JDDellGuy (2011-04-12 03:36:31):

Haha, I always make sure I cover all the bases. I figured you knoew how to unzip a file, and all that, but I couldn't be sure.

265 MB stick? I have a theory as to why it no longer works. That thing is ancient.

I belive the smallest you can easily buy those in now is 1 GB, four times the size of the one you currently have. I would recommend a new one.

Lost Girl (2011-04-12 04:19:58):

My 18-year old soldier brother gave it grudgingly to me.

absterninja (2011-04-13 04:57:41 / 3 stars):

You should get RealWorld Cursor Editor!!!!!!!! Its FREE

Lost Girl (2011-04-13 05:47:18):

My school techincal support officer is messed up. He made it so that only he could install things.

JDDellGuy (2011-04-13 06:22:08):

There is a portable version that you can download. Just download it, unzip it to the "My Documents" folder or Desktop and then double-click its icon.

Lost Girl (2011-04-13 07:49:50):

It doesn't work either.

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