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Vlasta (2011-09-19 08:58:06):

It is best not to use cursors made by someone else. But if you do, you should at the very least mention the authors in the description.

o.O (2011-10-09 12:43:59 / 3.5 stars):


DKTNH (2012-02-29 03:49:16):

Assasins Creed Was A Hectic GAme So When I Found These I Was Very Delighted

spiderkid (2012-04-13 04:48:58):

Vlasta sorry I have only 12 and I work hard and I am only a novice but thanks for download | -)

Unknown author (2012-05-10 14:13:35):

Great Cursors Thanks Very much !

Unknown author (2012-10-18 00:15:46):


Unknown author (2012-12-25 16:30:23):


Unknown author (2013-01-04 18:50:16):

:-) COOL

Unknown author (2013-01-06 12:52:51):

Awesome, using it forever!!!

cdl (2013-05-18 07:07:41 / 2 stars):

You have obviously missed Vlasta's point.
These are not an original design and as such should not be submitted here in the first place.
In addition you fail to mention the original author in the set description which you can easily modify by clicking the 'Modify' link.

icon-image/8359-32x32x32.png image

Unknown author (2013-10-22 02:58:36):

hell yeah

Unknown author (2015-10-23 00:03:07):

love assassins creed

Unknown author (2015-11-15 16:52:27):

Best cursor i ever saw

wwwww :-D

dadadada 8-)ThugLife


SK (2015-12-22 02:48:32):

Yay, great cursor!

Unknown author (2016-01-18 22:01:02):

fuck this is awsome

AJaxx (2016-04-04 07:58:42 / 3.5 stars):

I've seen this design, as a cursor, before. Although I don't think I've seen the exact same texture as is above. But the set is incomplete and some credit should be provided for the original image.

Unknown author (2016-06-21 19:59:36):


Unknown author (2017-02-20 12:58:54):


harry (2021-01-26 19:37:40):

;-) :-)

Unknown author (2023-01-01 09:18:50):


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