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Create icons by combining elements

"Make your own icons. In seconds."

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Click on an icon pack to assemble your own icon by picking individual parts online.

If more flexibility is needed, download RealWorld Icon Editor and then the image packs on its Online page. The editor will allow you to freely combine the parts, apply image effects, or draw your own parts.

Longshadow teaserLongshadow
by JCombine background and symbols to customize your computer icons.
House teaserHouse
by LiliMonikaA house with a garden.
Name cursor teaserName cursor
by nibblerYou can make your own cursor icon here. To make it a cursor, open your file i...
SMW - Edited Goal Sign teaserSMW - Edited Goal Sign
by nibblerIn SMW, a goal sign indicates that you are near a goal point. This wizard all...
SMW - Mario Suits teaserSMW - Mario Suits
by nibblerYou can now use this to make even more suits than the cursor set.
Birdhouse teaserBirdhouse
by cdlBuild a customized birdhouse by combining different elements in varied colors.
Ball button teaserBall button
by cdlImages can be combined or used separately to create uniquely embellished ball...
Steam teaserSteam
by cdlOld leather and metal elements to combine for a unique steampunk icon.
Alien teaserAlien
by cdlCombine a colored alien body, holding up the peace sign with its hand, with c...
Flower teaserFlower
by cdlCombine colorful puffy petals and centers to create a unique flower. Have fun!
Atomic teaserAtomic
by cdlCombine rings and atom ball or use separately.
Abstract teaserAbstract
by cdlAbstract elements in metallic or matte finish combine to create unique icon art!
Butterfly teaserButterfly
by cdlCombine different wing layers to create a colorful cartoon butterfly!
Spiked teaserSpiked
by cdlFive sharp pointy and spikey curved fronds to mix and match in smooth matte f...
Ability teaserAbility
by cdlGrab a wheel and a friend, mix or match these two shiny metallic elements to ...
Flower power teaserFlower power
by cdlCombine elements to create your own personal flower power! Have fun!
Asterific teaserAsterific
by cdlUse alone or combine elements and have some Asterific fun!
Fancy Bobble teaserFancy Bobble
by cdlGleaming balls to adorn with rings or use alone. Have fun mixing the components.
SQ Elements teaserSQ Elements
by cdlColored 3d square and circular metallic finish buttons with glassy colored ba...
Daisy teaserDaisy
by cdlCreate your own colorful comical daisy flowers with or without expressions in...
Ringed Orbs teaserRinged Orbs
by cdlColored orbs and rings to use alone or in combination.
Pizza teaserPizza
by VlastaAssemble your own pizza icon with sauce, cheese, bacon, peppers and other ing...
Star shine teaserStar shine
by cdlBrightly colored metallic star elements for you to combine in a variety of wa...
Gradient folder teaserGradient folder
by kunkel321Create folder icons with gradient overlays. When used from the editor, use th...
Fry's simple smileys teaserFry's simple smileys
by FryThis small, simple image pack lets you make a variety of your own smileys, wi...
Classic Web 2.0 teaserClassic Web 2.0
by VlastaAn image pack for web sites targeting the classic Web 2.0 look and feel. This...
Gem kaleidoscope teaserGem kaleidoscope
by VlastaA relaxing image pack with colourful kaleidoscopic components.
Blobby teaserBlobby
by VlastaCreate icons with blobby alien look. No aliens were killed while making this ...
Eggy teaserEggy
by SireaCreate a egg-shaped icon or forum avatar. It's fun!
Vista by Kudesnick - shield teaserVista by Kudesnick - shield
by KudesnickA set of images allowing you to assemble icons of various symbols placed on s...
Vista by Kudesnick - triangles teaserVista by Kudesnick - triangles
by KudesnickA set of images allowing you to assemble icons of various symbols placed on t...
Vista by Kudesnick - round teaserVista by Kudesnick - round
by KudesnickA set of images allowing you to assemble icons of various symbols placed on r...

How does it work?

The final icon is obtained by layering several fragments one over the other. After clicking on one of the image packs above, you will be presented with different fragments you can use to assemble your own icon.

Fragments are added to the final mix by simply clicking on them. Some groups of images only allow you to pick one of the group, while others allow mulitple picks.


You are allowed to use the pictures and icons created with this icon assembler for commercial or non-commercial purposes in your own projects.

You may NOT re-distribute the individual parts of the image packs or claim ownership of the assembled pictures unless the author of the images states otherwise.

Adding your image packs

An automated way for adding pack may eventually be created. At this moment, submissions are accepted via email. Send a zip file with 256x256 png images to with image pack name and description.

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I wish there was a typeface creator RW app for Font creation

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I wish there were...