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Ricon (2011-10-07 23:24:29 / 4 stars):

I wonder if this was took from the Internet. I don't have a specified
rating but if I find out, I could give you one.
I'll just give 3.5 because you still don't follow the other guideline,
originality. I think you might have got it down 89% but it might not be good to upload 3 at a time.

Tajanator (2011-10-07 23:44:51):

Yea, I didn't get these from the net. I used net-inspired pix but built them in the cursor-editor because I couldnt find any worth downloading. :-)

Ricon (2011-10-07 23:46:48):

Ok, changed my rating to 4 stars my man.

Tajanator (2011-10-07 23:48:09):

woman.. thank you very much. (who else would be obsessed enough with the 80s to do a cursor set? lmao

Daniel W. (2011-10-08 00:26:04 / 4 stars):

I like the Simon cursor best. The only thing is that it really should have an arrow or something in the corner.

Tajanator (2011-10-08 00:35:25):

Here you go, Daniel. I added one with the pointer. :-)

Unknown author (2011-10-10 16:25:01):

OMFG!!!! i used to have the simon game when i was little! *sigh* good times....... eventually i broke it LMFAO :-D

Ricon (2011-10-23 21:25:32):


Vlasta (2011-10-23 22:14:45):

Ricon, Tajanator was not talking about you... reread your own comment.

Tajanator (2011-11-11 15:27:01):

lol, Thanks Vlasta. :-D

Amsuko (2012-01-06 00:59:17):

I love the "help" shoe. I wish you could comment/vote on individual cursors.

mcgreeny (2013-04-13 02:20:50 / 4.5 stars):

cool i wish i could move a rubix cube that fast

Unknown author (2013-10-20 17:02:14):

love these! but it's missing the high top shoe help cursor in the zip download. tried downloading it separately and it still doesn't include the actual cursor image.

the rubix working in BG cursor isn't there either, only a 'file', no image :-(

adrenochromedream (2017-11-06 21:00:39 / 5 stars):


pauloandes (2018-03-31 21:10:24 / 4.5 stars):

Aww, loveit

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