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Icey Blue Cursors (15 cursors)

Released on November 3rd 2009 by Daniel W.

I have added a matching wallpaper for this set onto my website here: http://danielwgraphics.yolasite.com/wallpaper.php

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user icon Daniel W. registered user on October 18th 2013

There is a way to make the pointer have a trail but without tweaking your OS I don't think there is a way to make the trail be anything other than your pointer. To make a trail identical to your pointer, just go to your control panel, choose mouse, select the "Pointer Options" tab and check the box that says "Display pointer trails"

user icon Anonymous on November 5th 2013

hey don't think you will see this but can you make me a cursor that is green with blue outline so that's all just a set of those will be fine.

a bunch of types of those cursors that i asked for is all are fine ;-)

user icon phillip registered user on November 5th 2013

i just made an account i asked for a green cursor with blue outline a set is all i need i already have your versal cursors please make me some peace! wait can you make it just like the versal

user icon Anonymous on December 14th 2013

please may you make a green cursor that says DAVID :-) :-D thanks

user icon maryclare registered user on March 15th 2014

please may you make me a blue cursor that says MARYCLARE :-) :-)Thanks

user icon Anonymous on March 16th 2014

Could I get a Campbell in orange

user icon Anonymous on April 9th 2014



user icon Anonymous on July 26th 2015

Could you make a animated fire cursor just loads of fire

user icon Anonymous on September 2nd 2015

Get rid of the cheifs one

user icon Anonymous on August 20th

Thanks for the "Ray" series! It's one of my favourites: simple and convenient, with warm tones easily visible. Marc

user icon Anonymous
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