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Cursored (2012-01-22 01:50:07):

Heartlets is bigger than ever! Have a question? I'll be GLAD to answer it. ;-) :-D Enjoy my 2nd set.

Pointer Adic (2012-01-22 02:19:26):

nice job really great job i will be looking forward to other cursors you made!!!

Cursored (2012-01-22 16:12:46):

Thanks! :-) Hope you enjoyed them.

Vlasta (2012-01-22 17:01:06):

please remove the < character from the cursor names or people will not be able to use them

Cursored (2012-01-22 17:08:01):

Oh, sorry I'll remove that...

Okay! Done. Thanks for telling me that, I didn't know!

By the way guys, I'm not going to be on for a long time. It's Sunday Cleaning, so we have to do A LOT of cleaning. So, if you have any questions...it'll probably take a while for me to answer. JUST A HEADS UP! ;3 Please download because they're really cool.

Cursored (2012-01-22 22:41:49):

Thank you guys so much for supporting my second set! I am back btw, with almost everything cleaned, but other than that, Sunday Cleaning is officially over and I have enough time to answer everybody's questions if you have any. So please, don't be scared. Tell me some feedback, what should I do? Maybe give an idea of what kind of heart I should make and I'll recognize you in the title AND description just for the support. ;3 Thanks, and please download more from my sets and tell it to others, too! ;-) Love you guys

Spy (2012-01-23 16:54:57 / 4 stars):

I really like your cursors. Maybe you can animate one. You could also make a broken heart. :-D

Cursored (2012-01-24 16:23:18):

Oh, sorry I didn't get your comment in time. THANKS! I'll do one and maybe animated....I don't know for sure...but thanks!

I made a new 3D one! Awesome? Just wait 'till you see the animated shattering heart.

Cursored (2012-01-28 00:30:47):

Hey guys! Please comment if wanted to...going out to by my iPod Touch 4g! OMG so excited. Bye! >:D

Lost Girl (2012-02-26 05:39:07 / 5 stars):

I really like the look of these static cursors. There's a few things wrong with them (sorry fo being so critical, looking at the positive comments there). First thing is, The white space you've left makes it look incomplete. I suggest you colour in the space so it looks complete. This is probably your first cursor or you're probably new to it, so I'll be lenient when I'm rating it. The second and last thing is this. There's noise around the edges. Perhaps if you sharpen the edges, they'll look better.

Unknown author (2012-03-22 16:16:32):

can you make me a cursors that say lexi+princeton with a heart and then the heart color like rainbow color thanks :-)

Jason (2012-07-04 00:55:06 / 4.5 stars):

cool I love the hartlets

cdl (2012-12-23 07:06:22 / 4 stars):

Nice.. I like hearts! icon-image/4740-32x32x32.png image

Jason (2013-02-10 03:33:25):

I love them. I suggest you make one with an arrow going through it. 8-)

ツ Mimi Destino ♡ (2013-04-20 10:59:04 / 5 stars):

Good Job
my favorite is cursor-33309
i wait more for ur creations

Unknown author (2017-11-13 22:29:24):


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