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Matias0211 (2012-04-06 21:11:43 / 4 stars):

I don't understand these cursors :P but, "Luna stomp" .. feel like moon walker jajajaja.

Do you speak spanish ... jajaj sorry for the question xD and for my poor english.

Ok, so I'll give you 3 stars... no full set... i don't understand the designer to use .. (o como se diga en ingles, perdon :S )

TheRedSapphire (2012-04-06 21:17:43):

I just finished uploading them all. Sorry about that, I was excited and got ahead of myself!

Matias0211 (2012-04-06 21:27:31):

Ohhh, i see jajaja, no problem! :-) now i see all and think "there are great! :-D

TheRedSapphire (2012-04-06 21:30:53):

Thank you, I worked hard on them!

The Nightmare to Mist one is my pride and joy...

Matias0211 (2012-04-06 23:22:49):

I like it! :-) I see a good job in this :-). I want to give you 1 mor star.. but i don't know if i can ..

No way :-(

TheRedSapphire (2012-04-07 02:22:49):

Aw, it's okay! Others will rate what they see fit. :-)

NEOC (2012-04-07 19:07:33 / 4.5 stars):

My sister will love these. Simply she will. (+0.5 star)
Now, I'm sure that Discord was right.
Look at this picture to know what am I talking about.

Hate to admit, but I'm a Brony. Just 4 stars (aside the extra 0.5) because some are too blurry. Also, I think I would have a harsh time figuring where the hotspots are, but that's custom thing, don't worry.

Other picture for finishing: Clestia: Your sister is taking the protagonism? Send her to the moon!

Luck with the ponies… ponies everywhere.

TheRedSapphire (2012-04-08 00:30:15):

Well, these were my first cursors and I hadn't figured out how to smooth them correctly. >.<' Next batch will be better! :-)

I know! Ponies are everywhere. They spread like wildfire...

NEOC (2012-04-09 23:20:41):

They do… they do… but I have a doubt… how can they be so numerous is Equestria's population is a 3% male? I mean… they have to reproduce somehow… he… he… he… frikipedia forever. Read a fun article that explains a lot of questions if you're interested, but you must be able to read spanish. Heh, heh, heh…

Well, regarding the blur, I was specifically talking about Nightmare Moon's Eye.cur, Luna's Horn.cur, Luna Stomp.ani, Luna's Chestplate.cur and Luna's Crown Click.cur. They have a blur somewhat big for being a cursor (you know, 5 píxels in a canvas of 32 is actually a lot).

But when I see Nightmare Moon's Hoof.cur, I see that you actually know how to make cursors with a good look.

If you want another example of what can you do for getting a better look for the cursors, is using sprites. Sprites aren't usually bigger than 32x32 pixels (mostly in Game Boy Advance and back), so they can fit correctly a cursor. This is a good example (thanks Matias0211)
So you can try to make a custom sprite that fits there. I found some MlP:FiM customized sprites that you can use (give credit to Urimas from deviantart)

I hope that this can help you a lot.

TheRedSapphire (2012-04-12 03:45:34):

Thank you! I'm sure it will. My next set (Uploading very soon) was made entirely by hand and so I didn't feel the need to blur up the lines a bit. Thank you all for the feedback, I'll use it to try and make myself better. :-)

NEOC (2012-04-13 00:06:36):

It's okay. You can always expect help from anyone in the site. I will be pleased to help.

Lost Girl (2012-04-15 06:02:19 / 4.5 stars):

Wow, I love the detail. Did you use RW Cursor Editor. I'm interested to kno, because there are some people who may used three different programs, including RW cursor maker before putting them up for comments and reviews and ratings. Anyway, great job!

TheRedSapphire (2012-04-17 07:22:52):

Yeah, just RW Cursor Editor. Although only a few are mine. The rest I give credit to their rightful owners. :3

deadly bro (2013-03-22 20:10:51 / 5 stars):

great set love the luna crown all of the cursors are simple that is a good element in any cursor Set but i love complicated and unique cursors but that is not the subject great cursors sapphire good job making these good that you have mentioned the credit of the people who gave you the pictures you don't want to end up kicked out of the site icon-image/1497-16x16x32.png image stars

cdl (2013-04-03 07:50:08 / 3.5 stars):

When using images that you did not create first you must ensure that you are not violating any copy rights of the author of the work. Once you have established that you have permission to use the work in the manner in which you choose to use it you should offer credit by name and linkage to the original creator of the work. This is simply good etiquette.

icon-image/8301-32x32x32.png image

Unknown author (2013-07-23 13:53:41):

two words: EPIC PONY

snickerdoodle (2019-12-07 22:05:55 / 4 stars):

the nightmare moon to mist cursor has the hot spot in the wrong place. some are blurry too.

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