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JDDellGuy (2013-01-30 05:53:44 / 4.5 stars):

A superbly designed set!

The quality is excellent, the variation in design while still staying consistent in appearance is excellent.

The animations are not choppy.

The only suggestion I have would be to slow down the animations on the Unavailable and Resize cursors. They are so fast that they appear to skip frames when they most likely are not. For this I have removed half of a star, nothing too major.

Perhaps you also might want to consider smoothing out some of the edges too, particularly as on the Move cursor. The arrows on it look a little bit pixelated.

Other than those few minor things, great work! icon-image/4589-16x16x32.png image

Wolf Soulblood (2013-01-30 18:54:06 / 5 stars):

What is HAL?

This set really cool 8-)

Waffsel (2013-01-31 01:36:20):

@JDDellGuy The unavailable is supposed to look glitchy.
@whitesoul look it up on google.

SYNTHCRѺ (2013-01-31 23:20:33 / 5 stars):

These look great. I like the animation. Keep up the good work. :-)


asdfbobob (2013-02-01 01:22:57 / 5 stars):

handwriting is kinda bad

AmberZen (2013-02-01 22:25:09 / 4.5 stars):

Don't know what asfbobob is talking about, I like the handwriting one. It's different, unique, inventive. I like the set, nice work. Hal is actually a friend of mine, news of his demise has been greatly exaggerated! icon-image/7541-32x32x32.png image

Bubblez (2013-02-02 20:04:18 / 4.5 stars):

It is a great cursor set and you have put your efforts into it. You didn't just do random ideas you are still in the same idea with the subject of HAL. Great job your creativity is good but i think you could do just a little better.

oriolego (2013-02-03 00:39:22 / 5 stars):

oh yea downloadin dis

mike-for-JESUS (2013-02-08 19:54:51 / 5 stars):

THese cursors are amazing and yet still keep to the same theme. Great Work!!!

mike-for-JESUS (2013-02-10 09:28:55):

This is the best set because of how awsome it looks , reat job and keep going !!!!1 im just saying this so i can get money...LOL

Waffsel (2013-02-12 02:46:45):

Thanks guys!


cdl (2013-02-22 04:27:45 / 5 stars):

Nice set, love the spinning animations!
Like the color combinations and how they are simple but not simple!
Small but not too small as to take away from the design.. lovely set!

icon-image/8301-32x32x32.png image

Did I say that Hal and I are friends? He approves!

mikun002 (2013-02-27 09:38:50 / 5 stars):


deadly bro (2013-02-28 15:52:15 / 5 stars):

i learned from cdl that the key to cursor functionality are the hotspots and yours are just great and animated cursors work great and all of the roles are in the set all of the keys of a great cursor set are in there my rating is 5 stars

Unknown author (2013-03-01 00:53:06):

esta padisimo

ctarmansy (2013-03-11 17:01:16 / 5 stars):

I feel pretty badass while using this set

ツ Mimi Destino ♡ (2013-03-19 17:20:59):

i like so much

Unknown author (2013-04-10 05:05:14):

:-D theres alot of crap on this site, love it when I stumble upon a very well made cursor set!!!

Wexutar (2013-07-15 13:53:38 / 5 stars):


Pinkwolf14 (2013-10-30 22:22:57 / 5 stars):

Amazing! These are the best cursors i have seen so far, keep it up! :-)

SnowflakePixie (2013-11-12 02:35:34 / 5 stars):

This is awesome! They all match nicely and it's pretty creative.

Paperboy (2013-12-04 18:44:33):

i like the motion in them. great!

Unknown author (2013-12-16 13:05:40):

its very nice and i like it...

Jazz (2014-08-24 21:27:18 / 5 stars):


Jazz (2014-08-25 07:09:42 / 4.5 stars):

Precision Select is a little to small

hunter17p (2014-10-21 20:40:40 / 5 stars):

tis ur 3rd set so nice

The Pixelated Fedora (2015-01-30 20:20:35 / 5 stars):

Amazing set. All animations are spot-on and smooth 8-)

Unknown author (2015-05-05 02:06:21):

really good, reminds me metroid prime ;-)

Unknown author (2015-07-03 11:31:44):

can u please make this in blue?
<tis awesome nevertheless>

that guy (2015-10-01 22:20:41 / 4 stars):

Great set, but I would have preferred a fancier 'busy', and the link select breaks the unity a bit. All I can think of when I see the 'unavailable' is "SOISOISOISOISOISOISOISOISOISOI" :-D

cdl (2015-10-04 06:59:06):

icon-image/8347-32x32x32.png image

Unknown author (2015-11-02 23:11:07):

Love it, though I wish the normal cursor also had a static version.

SK (2015-12-23 08:19:49 / 5 stars):

It's so cool! Do you have blue instead of red?

Unknown author (2016-09-06 13:06:17):

look at all those account up there and im like the single unregistered user

Unknown author (2016-10-05 11:59:53):

This is really good... :-)

Unknown author (2018-12-21 19:56:56):

So cool


Unknown author (2020-10-22 06:52:33):

wafsell u should have put alternate cursor in normal select :-D


Unknown author (2020-11-05 06:10:55):

:-D godd

Unknown author (2021-01-13 07:19:02):

:-o :-o :-o :-o :-o :-o

Unknown author (2021-05-18 09:27:26):


Unknown author (2021-05-20 18:00:56):

this is amazing so cool

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