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Unknown author (2014-01-03 01:45:51):

I like it. :-)

Sullindir (2014-01-03 02:26:04):

Thanks! I'm glad you do! ^_^

Unknown author (2014-05-07 23:46:50):

i agree portal is awesome love em!

Sullindir (2014-05-09 12:54:18):

"i agree portal is awesome love em!"

Thanks so much! I'm glad you're enjoying! ^_^

Unknown author (2014-09-08 09:11:48):

this is an amazing set of cursors and portal for the win :-D

Unknown author (2015-05-13 21:40:22):

Everytime I log back onto my computer, the 'normal select' cursor vanishes. Could you help? :-(

Unknown author (2015-07-03 13:46:39):

cursor-61105 Are you still there?

Unknown author (2015-10-13 18:22:20):


at all i made this cursor

Unknown author (2016-02-07 00:52:23):

It won't work for me ;_;

DemiDragon (2016-04-01 03:55:27 / 5 stars):

Enjoyed these a lot. Great job. :-)

adrenochromedream (2017-11-23 06:03:06 / 5 stars):


Shrek ¬_¬ (2018-02-07 19:14:20 / 5 stars):

The neurotoxin is pumping in now...

Unknown author (2019-04-21 18:32:18):

Why You Still Here? Your Free!

CaptainNomae (2020-05-05 20:34:16 / 5 stars):

This set of cursors are high quality and match my background very nicely. The only thing that i would like to see is a person select and location select cursors, as these are not included. I do understand the fact that these cursors are not frequently used, it would just be a nice touch. :-)

JesterPear3737 (2020-08-05 15:07:10 / 5 stars):

Stunningly animated and very inventive. I love the little text for the help-select option.

Unknown author (2021-02-05 00:09:50):

idk how to download this :-(

Unknown author (2022-08-19 20:54:38):

Amazing work

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