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Name:Damien "Sullindir" Allen

I am a traditional and pixel artist from Arizona. I have been working with pixels for a little more than 6 years and I am presently working on a game entitled MegaMare X (an MLP/Megaman crossover fangame).

MegaMare X can be followed at any of these sites:

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Zelda Swords Cursors (15 cursors)

Released on December 22nd 2013 by Sullindir

Here are 15 swords for use on your desktop, taken from each canon game of the series. No game (from The Legend of Zelda (1986) all the way up to Skyward Sword) has gone without representation. Please, do enjoy.

Latest art

Portal 2 Desktop Scene TeaserPortal 2 Desktop Scene Icons
by Sullindir934Here are a set of icons that will allow you to turn your PC desktop i...
Nightmare Night 2012 TeaserNightmare Night 2012 Cursors
by Sullindir1451Adapted from my 2012 Nightmare Night icon pack, this set contains ani...
Nightmare Night 2012 TeaserNightmare Night 2012 Icons
by Sullindir1054This pack of desktop icons features each of the Mane 6 in their Night...
Drill Sergeant Spitfire TeaserDrill Sergeant Spitfire Icons
by Sullindir590Here we have just a small collection of icons of Spitfire, each just ...
Aperture Science Sentry Turret TeaserAperture Science Sentry Turret Cursors
by Sullindir2679Fresh off of the factory line, these turrets are now available for us...
Queen Chrysalis TeaserQueen Chrysalis Cursors
by Sullindir1484Just another noble looking for love. Here we see Chrysalis conjuring ...
Discord TeaserDiscord Cursors
by Sullindir905Equestria's lord of chaos is here, utilizing his litany of powers to ...
Princess Luna TeaserPrincess Luna Cursors
by Sullindir5150The Guardian of the Night (and season 1 villain) is here! In this set...
Assassin's Creed Icons TeaserAssassin's Creed Icons Cursors
by Sullindir10kThis set of cursors takes the icons from the first Creed title out of...
Vinyl Scratch TeaserVinyl Scratch Cursors
by Sullindir2807Here we have DJ Pon-3 playing a mix amid flashing lasers, bobbing her...

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user icon Anonymous on October 5th 2014


user icon Anonymous on January 30th 2015

why are my discord cursors glitching? It animates for a little bit, then stops. Why? :-o

user icon Anonymous on October 30th 2015

Can u make celestia cursors?
and maybe more evil characters Thnx :-) :-D :-)

user icon Anonymous on February 7th 2016

The Aperture Turret cursors won't work. Can you tell me why?

user icon Anonymous on June 23rd 2020

can you please make celestia? this word might be strange because im Korean

user icon Anonymous on October 15th 2020

can you make the robot 64 cursor? ;-)

user icon Anonymous on January 28th 2022

can u pls make lyra heartstrings cursors!!!!!!! i love her id appreciate alot!!!!!!!! :-D

user icon Anonymous on June 3rd 2022


;-) ;-)

user icon Anonymous on January 30th 2023

Hey, i love your sprites, but i had a small problem with them. Once i activated some of your cursors the colors of them get way lighter than in the original. But when i resize a window for example, it becomes the original color as long as i hold left click. Is it possible to fix that? You are probably not even looking into this anymore but if you do, thank you :-).
I really like your designs!

user icon Anonymous on February 16th

oh no he's gone:(

user icon Anonymous
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