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Unknown author (2014-02-06 20:44:27):

make dalek

Miss Mycroft (2014-02-06 20:56:50):

I have a dalek in a different doctor who set, but I this is just for the doctors, K-9 was added by accident but is popular so I keep it there.

Unknown author (2014-02-13 01:25:48):

I think they should make a DALEK CURSOR on this site :-( :-( :-( :-(

Unknown author (2014-02-13 17:29:20):

There's an animated dalek cursor on this site by miss mycroft. I downloaded it myself and it's not bad, but it came in a set. The set had an animated tardis, a normal tardis cursor, a sonic screwdriver and the dalek.

Unknown author (2014-02-23 07:38:55):


Miss Mycroft (2014-02-23 10:25:10):

The screwdrivers are coming in a different set. This is for the doctors. K-9 was added accidentally but people enjoyed it. There are daleks in a different set.

Unknown author (2014-03-15 10:05:58):


Unknown author (2014-03-15 15:54:07):

make a sonicSCREWDRIVER! |-) :-D

Miss Mycroft (2014-03-15 17:27:35):

As I have said before, if you read the comments, I have made a sonic screwdriver. It is in my other doctor who set. This is for the Doctors from the series only. K-9 was added by accident to the set. I will take requests but if they are stupid and repetitive I will get annoyed. Thank you.

Unknown author (2014-03-16 18:36:53):

Is there a chance that you might be able to animate some of the Doctors? For example the ninth doctor you could have the legs switch so it looks like he's running. Thnx for reading.

Miss Mycroft (2014-03-16 19:21:10):

Unfortunately I'm currently busy with college work but if I find a spare moment I may look and see what I can do. But each cursor took me about 3 hours to make, and I simply can't spare the time currently.

Unknown author (2014-03-17 21:59:10):

Yikes, thanks for considering me anyway

Unknown author (2014-07-21 18:15:07):

I loved them! ;-) Is there any way you could make them a bit bigger?

Unknown author (2016-02-08 09:32:11):

Make the 11th doctor a bit more handsome

Unknown author (2021-01-25 20:01:19):

muy bien :-) :-) :-) :-)

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