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Shantorian (2015-09-08 01:14:33 / 4.5 stars):

4.5 stars
to put a link in

[https://www.google.com [[icon:2132]]]

This will give you

ETHANWEEGEE (2015-09-08 02:22:02):

How about...

Shantorian (2015-09-08 04:13:50):

Well done

ETHANWEEGEE (2015-09-08 13:57:59):


The zombie was surprisingly hard because the sprites were impossible to get on Google. I did it anyway.

Unknown author (2015-09-08 18:37:27):

awesome. :-D

Unknown author (2015-09-21 16:06:45):

legal :-)

ETHANWEEGEE (2015-10-25 15:37:59):

Legal? What do you me-
Police: Open up! These Terraria Blade Cursors are copyright!
Me: WHAT? No! I didn't even put a logo on there, and I mentioned Terraria, and did not say it belongs to me!
Police: Ah, we're bored anyway. -Drives off with me handcuffed-
icon-image/6641-16x16x32.png image

Unknown author (2016-04-18 11:29:46):

cool ty I used these and some minecraft ones cause I was bored, ty. I wont use them when recording though ;p

Unknown author (2016-11-03 07:17:34):

i like it :-D

Unknown author (2017-03-31 09:06:41):

love it :-D

Unknown author (2018-05-02 11:52:44):

any viruses? :-o

siabob007 (2019-02-21 21:42:47):

Love it :-D

StickyChannel92 (2019-03-15 17:07:38 / 4 stars):

Nice set, but where is the precision select?


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