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twtscat55 (2016-02-02 13:11:22 / 5 stars):

Thanks for creating the blue. I love it!! :-D

AJaxx (2016-02-02 13:45:38):

My pleasure. Enjoy!

#17 (2016-02-04 06:25:29 / 5 stars):

Very nice ones. Well done!

AJaxx (2016-02-04 15:24:45):

@Number17: Thank you! I wasn't sure how the Blue would turn out, now, I think it's better than the Brown.


Melonie (2016-02-05 16:52:50 / 5 stars):

Wow! Amazing! This is some amazing art!

AJaxx (2016-02-05 19:40:55):

@Melonie: It is a nice cursor set, that's why I converted it, among many other sets. I am not the original author. But I'm glad that you like it! Thanks!!

Unknown author (2016-02-13 05:19:38):

Can you try making a Black one? I was just wondering

AJaxx (2016-02-13 21:22:14):

I can make it in Black & Metal.

Unknown author (2016-04-06 23:02:53):

im the anonyomous :-o :-o

Rio234oas (2016-06-27 23:57:57 / 5 stars):

One of the best sliders I've seen here on the site. I use it on my blog 8-)

Um dos melhores cursores que já vi aqui no site. Uso ele em meu blog. 8-)

AJaxx (2016-06-28 02:27:55):

I agree, the author did a great job. Glad to see them being enjoyed. Thanks for the rating.

Melissa517 (2016-07-24 08:56:37 / 5 stars):

You are the master!

Lirinha2007 (2017-07-07 03:40:36):

Very GREAT a very good job

JeffTheCreepyCreeper (2017-10-09 15:27:23 / 5 stars):


Unknown author (2019-03-15 13:02:50):

Will they work on a Mac?

AJaxx (2019-03-15 15:17:12):

No. Mac doesn't use .ani or .cur files. Sorry

2ndmowae (2019-06-15 19:48:16 / 4 stars):

great job! but, the cursors look a bit too similar. differentiate them by add different animations, dont be afraid to. the detail is great, love it! :-D

AJaxx (2019-06-27 14:06:27):

@2ndmowae: LOL The cursors look similar in this set because it is a set. Check out the different sets if you want variety.


Unknown author (2019-09-14 11:32:26):

so cool thx

Unknown author (2020-01-25 13:00:26):

This is a amazing this cursor is too much pro :-) :-) ;-)

Unknown author (2020-06-20 16:49:18):

These are great, best ones i have ever seen! Thanks so much!

Unknown author (2020-08-30 11:57:49):

Superb, I just loved it :-)

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