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Enjoy looking at various forms of art mediums from photography to oils and acrylics. Been getting into fractuals as well. They are so cool. Intricate and mind blowing. I do take tons of photos of clouds and the sky.

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user icon Anonymous on August 29th 2019

i wont it work when i try to download a curser app because i keep on trying and it wont work..

user icon Anonymous on December 22nd 2020


user icon ツ☪ NaLexnu ♡♥ contributing user on May 5th 2022

Hello / Hola

Please check out the May TOTM (Theme of the Month) Contest!

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user icon Anonymous on August 18th 2022


user icon Anonymous on September 8th 2022

hiiii i speak spanish :-)

user icon ツ☪ NaLexnu ♡♥ contributing user on December 31st 2022

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user icon TenZue registered user on February 23rd 2023

░╚════╝░░╚════╝░╚═╝╚═╝░░╚══╝╚═╝ Marchs TOTM

user icon Anonymous on March 24th 2023


user icon Anonymous on May 24th 2023

heeey askim melisa yerim yerrr

user icon Anonymous on October 11th 2023

i'm trying to make the mouse that a lot of dahoodians use on Roblox ^^

user icon Anonymous
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