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Unknown author (2017-02-25 21:18:56):

niceee ;-)

Unknown author (2017-02-28 01:01:18):

skits mate

HusenPo (2017-03-05 08:10:15 / 3 stars):

too large to be used as diagonal ;-)

Unknown author (2017-03-06 00:01:32):


Censor_Not (2017-03-06 08:41:13):

Thanks HusenPo. As I said, these were made for people with low eyesight, like myself. But I made them smaller.

Unknown author (2017-03-15 15:24:22):


Unknown author (2017-03-28 15:45:02):

your cursors are awesome thank you. I m visually impaired and they will help me a lot :-)

Censor_Not (2017-04-03 08:56:52):

Thank you! I hope they help!

Unknown author (2017-04-09 21:58:01):

man good!

Unknown author (2017-04-12 22:19:52):


Child of God (2017-06-01 18:07:12 / 5 stars):

These are really nice. Good job on this set

Unknown author (2017-06-15 22:31:59):

epic!!!!!!!beatiful :-D

Unknown author (2017-06-20 11:36:04):


Unknown author (2017-09-15 14:54:07):

Is it Virus?

Unknown author (2017-10-08 02:09:00):


Unknown author (2017-11-26 05:59:03):

how to use

Unknown author (2018-08-21 14:06:50):


Unknown author (2019-02-01 15:13:03):


Unknown author (2019-12-27 10:14:30):

I like. Windows 10 does not. I received this Message from windows 10 when selecting files in zip.

Opening these files might be harmful to your computer
Your internet security settings blocked one or more
files from being opened. Do you want to open these files

Unknown author (2020-01-10 13:54:15):

I get no warning.
I think cur files can not harm the PC.
Thank you for that great work. Works perfect in Win 10 1809.

Unknown author (2020-01-23 03:10:19):

i like it good :-) good job me happy :-D

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