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imagination beat all things concerned with skill

I was born in 1997 in Indonesia
I am a man who likes manga japan
other information please send me a message

and I really liked the set anime and cartoon

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Agumon Breathfire Cursors (28 cursors)

Released on February 19th 2017 by HusenPo

1. Auto Installer

Here we teach you to create a program with the format ".inf" (without quotes)
follow these steps:

1) Make sure you have the zip file to extract it in the form of a folder
2) copy of the script below! (After the line up before the line)
3) open a new notepad or the like! (Crtl + N)
4) paste, save as ..., change save as type to \"All Files (*. *)\" Type the name \"(Installer).inf\" (should be placed in the same folder location).
5) save, the program to install has been created.
6) right-click on your new program, then click install, cursors sets have been registered on the Scheme which you can access in the \"Control panel \ Mouse Properties\ pointers\" (our custom to give the sign \"^\" without quotes in the scheme that has been registered, deliberately as an identity cursors that we made to facilitate you find it. :-)

  • Note: the following scripts special and can not be used on other cursor, but you can change it, if you do not get along with our setting, you can enter cursor you like the manual way, we just want to help you *

________________________________________COPY & PASTE________________________________

CopyFiles = Scheme.Cur,
AddReg = Scheme.Reg

Scheme.Cur = 10,"%CUR_DIR%"
Scheme.Txt = 10,"%CUR_DIR%"

HKCU,"Control Panel\Cursors\Schemes","%SCHEME_NAME%",,"%10%\%CUR_DIR%\%pointer%,%10%\%CUR_DIR%\%help%,%10%\%CUR_DIR%\%work%,%10%\%CUR_DIR%\%busy%,%10%\%CUR_DIR%\%Cross%,%10%\%CUR_DIR%\%Text%,%10%\%CUR_DIR%\%Hand%,%10%\%CUR_DIR%\%Unavailiable%,%10%\%CUR_DIR%\%Vert%,%10%\%CUR_DIR%\%Horz%,%10%\%CUR_DIR%\%Dgn1%,%10%\%CUR_DIR%\%Dgn2%,%10%\%CUR_DIR%\%move%,%10%\%CUR_DIR%\%alternate%,%10%\%CUR_DIR%\%link%"

; -- Common Information

"Agumon - normal.ani"
"Agumon - help.ani"
"Agumon - work.ani"
"Agumon - busy.ani"
"Agumon - prec.ani"
"Agumon - text.ani"
"Agumon - handW.ani"
"Agumon - unavailable.ani"
"Agumon - vertic.ani"
"Agumon - horizon.ani"
"Agumon - d1.ani"
"Agumon - d2.ani"
"Agumon - move.ani"
"Agumon - alt.ani"
"Agumon - link.ani"

CUR_DIR = "digimon-agumon"
SCHEME_NAME = "^Agumon"
pointer = "Agumon - normal.ani"
help = "Agumon - help.ani"
work = "Agumon - work.ani"
busy = "Agumon - busy.ani"
cross = "Agumon - prec.ani"
text = "Agumon - text.ani"
hand = "Agumon - handW.ani"
unavailiable = "Agumon - unavailable.ani"
vert = "Agumon - vertic.ani"
horz = "Agumon - horizon.ani"
dgn1 = "Agumon - d1.ani"
dgn2 = "Agumon - d2.ani"
move = "Agumon - move.ani"
alternate = "Agumon - alt.ani"
link = "Agumon - link.ani"

2. cursors bonus pack

If you have already downloaded, we hope you are happy with the bonus that we add, the identity of which we provide for bonuses already placed on the name of each cursor bonus, you are free to improvise cursors set or your scheme, manually.

3. descriptions

recalled childhood ago, when I had a pet in a device called Tamagochi / Digivice, very happy and even waited to eat together
nonstalgia long I finally got the idea to make my virtual pet in the laptop, at least I could see him moving, as though life by making cursors \"Agumon\", I really want to share and want to see if there is the same hobby with me? whether there was nonstalgia?

4. Directly to author

for your request, please send us an email message, or other accounts that might be we read, we have Facebook :-)

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user icon HusenPo registered user on July 24th 2015

yes that's how my friend,, draw anime that are popular and legendary for making it as my cursor gallery 8-)

and because I believe many people would love it <3

user icon Anonymous on September 5th 2015

Can you please do a shiny umbreon cursor set? Thamkyou

here is the cursors link, buts its not completed can you make the rest of the animated shiny umbreon cursors

user icon HusenPo registered user on September 17th 2015

i'll try

user icon NecxGen registered user on November 4th 2015

What did you use to draw/make your profile pic/icon? Mine's is not smooth

user icon HusenPo registered user on November 5th 2015

@NecxGen : does that mean good?
if ugly give reasons and suggestions ;-)

user icon Anonymous on January 3rd 2016

abang ganteng.. makasiihh yaa, untung aja ada doraemon hahaha love love lah buat abang :-D

user icon HusenPo registered user on April 5th 2016

hahaha makasih dek Anonymouse :v

user icon Nɪʙʙʟᴇʀ registered user on October 14th 2016

Anonymouse? LOL :-D

user icon HusenPo registered user on October 21st 2016

:-D :-D

user icon HusenPo registered user yesterday

I want this to be like this cursor-preview/97682.png image > cursor-preview/55501.png image


user icon Anonymous
Vista & Win 7 icons
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I wish there were...
What about ICL files?