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Censor_Not (2017-02-21 18:45:07 / 5 stars):

I love "Spock Me" LOL that's great! And you have every skin tone and major currency! Neat! :-)

The Muffin Man (2017-02-21 21:55:33):


achamo (2017-02-27 18:50:13 / 4 stars):

This set is cool! I like how on the Google icon and Olympics icon, you look like you made the colors simple. Everything modern these days is simple!

The Muffin Man (2017-02-27 19:51:02):


Oh, and by the way, why don't you want to make an emoji set anymore?

Unknown author (2017-02-27 20:14:12):

please add a Linux penguin.

The Muffin Man (2017-02-27 20:36:41):

I added it now. Enjoy!

achamo (2017-03-01 02:29:15):

I am not spending enough time on production on emojis. I have planned to continue them later.

Unknown author (2017-03-02 08:12:14):

I quite like them :-D

The Muffin Man (2017-03-02 16:12:32):

Thanks, Anonymous! OK, torchicishot.

pikarock03 (2017-03-03 10:57:01):

:-) :-D me encata

Bob the builder (2018-03-27 18:45:30):

its nice, it has animation on some of them, and has quite a lot of cursors

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