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RIDDLER (2018-04-07 03:36:34):

I hope you like this "Numbers XXL Green" cursor set as much as I do. Please don't forget to comment and vote on this cursor set. Thank you. :-)

Paradise Murderer (2018-06-06 20:36:13 / 4 stars):


RIDDLER (2018-11-07 04:30:40):


RIDDLER (2019-09-24 00:59:20):

Numbers are great.

Ember Moon (2019-11-09 20:33:32 / 4 stars):

numbers are great but they are a bit big? the hot spots are a bit off and confusing so it would be easier if you put a tiny arrow attached to the number...and you could also make them in different colors too because the numbers are cool

RIDDLER (2019-11-09 21:04:02):

These numbers are just for fun, not to be used as cursors. I wanted plain numbers, so I did not use an arrow in front of them.

RIDDLER (2019-12-12 05:57:20):


RIDDLER (2019-12-14 09:19:08):


Unknown author (2019-12-18 00:50:25):

Could you add 11, 12, 13, 14, 15?

RIDDLER (2019-12-18 12:05:57):

No thanks. This number set is supposed to go up to 10.

Unknown author (2019-12-18 17:31:16):

Oh, ok. BTW You spell Macromedia Fireworks 8 as Macromedia Firefox 8.

RIDDLER (2019-12-18 19:03:09):


Yes, I did.

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