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RIDDLER (2018-04-07 03:36:34):

I hope you like this "Numbers XXL Green" cursor set as much as I do. Please don't forget to comment and vote on this cursor set. Thank you. :-)

Paradise Murderer (2018-06-06 20:36:13 / 4 stars):


RIDDLER (2018-11-07 04:30:40):


RIDDLER (2019-09-24 00:59:20):

Numbers are great.

snickerdoodle (2019-11-09 20:33:32 / 4 stars):

numbers are great but they are a bit big? the hot spots are a bit off and confusing so it would be easier if you put a tiny arrow attached to the number...and you could also make them in different colors too because the numbers are cool

RIDDLER (2019-11-09 21:04:02):

These numbers are just for fun, not to be used as cursors. I wanted plain numbers, so I did not use an arrow in front of them.

RIDDLER (2019-12-12 05:57:20):


RIDDLER (2019-12-14 09:19:08):


Unknown author (2019-12-18 00:50:25):

Could you add 11, 12, 13, 14, 15?

RIDDLER (2019-12-18 12:05:57):

No thanks. This number set is supposed to go up to 10.

Unknown author (2019-12-18 17:31:16):

Oh, ok. BTW You spell Macromedia Fireworks 8 as Macromedia Firefox 8.

RIDDLER (2019-12-18 19:03:09):


Yes, I did.

not used anymore (2020-07-25 20:57:25):

Macromedia Firefox? That isn't software made by Macromedia, it's made by Mozilla.
You mean Fireworks? you could change it, to avoid people's confusion.

Also, what's Scratch? I've heard people talk about it but what kind of Scratch software?

RIDDLER (2020-08-10 02:47:52):

What I mean by saying from scratch is that I created this cursor set from the ground up.

Vlazteron (2020-09-17 02:47:39 / 2.5 stars):

All the hotspots of the cursors are off except for the 7.

RIDDLER (2020-09-17 02:49:14):

Those are numbers. They can be used for fun and testing purposes only, not used as regular cursor sets.

Floral (2020-10-09 11:17:48 / 3.5 stars):

the 7 cursor actaully make sense as it is on the grid :-( :-(

RIDDLER (2020-10-09 11:46:51):

It does.

Unknown author (2023-06-01 17:14:01):

hi so i wanted to say that i was working on a meme so this is very cool! i am doing the 1 2 buckle my shoe 3 4 buckle some more 5 6 NIKE KICKS

RIDDLER (2023-06-01 18:39:40):

It is a good idea to work on a meme. You can then upload your meme set here.

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