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Name:Cesare Vesdani

I am interested on creating XXL cursors for Windows 7 classic style in 15 sets.

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XXL Green Cursors (15 cursors)

Released on January 24th 2018 by RIDDLER

This is my complete set of XXL Green cursors in a full 15 set. Riddle me this, riddle me that. Those are the Riddler's green cursor set.

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Backgrounds TeaserBackgrounds Cursors
by RIDDLER6This is a 15 "Backgrounds" cursor set, which has plain background cur...
Greenery Forest Nature TeaserGreenery Forest Nature Cursors
by RIDDLER11The "Greenery Forest Nature" cursor pack has a total of 15 cursors. T...
Browny 3D TeaserBrowny 3D Cursors
by RIDDLER21This is my "Browny 3D" cursor set. It has 15 cursor roles. This curso...
ZZBR TeaserZZBR Cursors
by RIDDLER31I have spend a whole day creating the "ZZBR" cursor set. This whole s...
Twiggy TeaserTwiggy Cursors
by RIDDLER67I have created a "Twiggy" cursor set in RealWorld Cursor Editor. Ther...
XXL Default Aero Shadowed TeaserXXL Default Aero Shadowed Cursors
by RIDDLER31This is the "XXL Default Aero Shadowed" cursor set. This cursors set ...
Transparent TeaserTransparent Cursors
by RIDDLER22This is my "Transparent" cursor set. I is complete with 15 cursors.
LLX Solarized TeaserLLX Solarized Cursors
by RIDDLER52This "LLX Solarized" cursors set has a very unique color. It is a typ...
LLX Red_Yellow TeaserLLX Red_Yellow Cursors
by RIDDLER45This gorgeous cursor set has a very thick yellow border and a very de...
LLX Purple XL TeaserLLX Purple XL Cursors
by RIDDLER56The "LLX Purple XL" cursor set is an extra large set of 15 cursors. A...

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user icon RIDDLER registered user on January 24th

I like XXL cursors sets for Windows 7 but I need to create them.

user icon RIDDLER registered user on January 25th

I have added my mostly rare cursors to my profile. :-)

user icon RIDDLER registered user on February 14th

Can you folks please create more "Windows 7 Aero cursors" in each color set. I need to have full sets of 15 cursors made in each color like I made here.

user icon RIDDLER registered user on February 17th

Microsoft should create more sets like the default "Windows 7 Aero cursors".

user icon Newbieme registered user on March 18th

Cool stuff here

user icon RIDDLER registered user on April 6th

Thanks. :-)

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