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RIDDLER (2018-04-09 06:01:27):

Pink is for girls.

Unknown author (2018-04-09 11:25:59):

its 2018

pink is for all genders - Mercer

Laying down the law mercer

RIDDLER (2018-04-09 21:20:08):

Pink is usually a girl's liking. What I have said here was true and also a joke. Yes, you are correct that pink cursors can be used by all genders.

Unknown author (2018-04-12 19:59:15):

groundbreaking stuff here lads

RIDDLER (2018-04-12 20:25:08):

Thanks. Glad you like this cursor set.

Unknown author (2018-04-17 14:39:22):

team yellow

RIDDLER (2018-04-18 01:19:35):

Think pink! I also have yellow cursor sets available. If you want to download them, browse for yellow.

Unknown author (2018-04-21 19:22:38):

the cursor"s arent that bad!

RIDDLER (2018-04-22 08:26:52):

No. All my cursors are awesome. You just need to download the ones you like. Don't forget to browse through my cursor collection by clicking my username RIDDLER so that you see my collections. Flick through pages to find out more cursor sets.

Unknown author (2018-05-30 02:35:50):

thank you

RIDDLER (2018-05-30 16:30:25):

You're welcome. :-)

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