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Waffle Alien (2018-04-12 21:13:38):

i would say not to download my normal cursor since it is just a normal cursor, that's there when you first get you computer or laptop.

Unknown author (2018-04-13 15:32:42):

trash sorry

Waffle Alien (2018-04-13 18:37:31):

Haha! that's a bit funny.

VrCat (2018-04-13 19:33:23 / 1.5 stars):

I like the rainbow one, but the others are trash, sorry :-(

Waffle Alien (2018-04-13 19:50:22):

i guess you can say that..

Unknown author (2018-04-14 18:51:55):

le daria media estrella :-( ;-)

Unknown author (2018-04-14 19:44:55):

there good :-D

Unknown author (2018-04-17 16:41:14):

okay well it isnt very interesting but it also isnt trash. and hey- it is your first set. everything has to start somehow.

Waffle Alien (2018-04-17 18:42:06):


Unknown author (2018-04-18 14:49:58):

they are bad lol delete them

Unknown author (2018-04-18 19:41:16):

:-( not good srry

Waffle Alien (2018-04-19 20:30:00):

i agree with any bad comment :-D

icon-image/15825-48x48x32.png image

Unknown author (2018-04-21 21:39:38):

It's their first set, give them a break. |-)

Unknown author (2018-04-27 00:38:44):

ppl. its their first set, if u wanna complain then either use a different pack or try making ur own. bet it isnt exactly a walk in the park. give them a break. dont tell them that its trash or that they should delete it until u can show me a pack thats some amazing expert level smoothly animated cursor. back off.

Waffle Alien (2018-04-29 18:25:04):

well looks like some people dont think its trash :-)

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