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RIDDLER (2018-11-16 22:52:06):

Ying Yang.

Unknown author (2018-11-17 22:14:11):

I don't know how to equip the cursor so if you can give me some tips on how to do it
And you can tell me how to do it that would be nice.
and as well, it looks really nice.

RIDDLER (2018-11-18 01:40:03):

I do not know how to equip cursor either, but thanks for saying that my set is nice.

Acii_3 (2018-11-21 21:16:32):

Dude.. why did you copied the same mispell as me? .-.

RIDDLER (2018-11-22 02:28:24):

I did not copy you. You inspired me to create the Ying Yang cursor set with a white side and black side. I have designed all the cursors myself from scratch.

NoLIFER (2018-11-26 16:43:44):

Ey nice bro!

RIDDLER (2018-11-26 20:20:47):

Thank you.

Unknown author (2019-11-03 17:10:41):

Good, but it would be better if you replaced the Working in background and the Busy cursors into the Ying Yang symbol.

RIDDLER (2019-11-03 21:16:48):

I do not know how to replace the Working in Background and Busy cursors into the Ying Yang style. I did try though, but it was too hard for me to accomplish such a cursor roles, so I went for something more basic that suits the rest of the cursor set. All my cursors in this set are in a two color mode. That is in black and white that represents the Ying Yang symbol. This is my color expression.

Yesterday, I have created a brand new cursor set that I have uploaded on my profile. It is called the "Peach" cursor set. I created it from scratch. You can take a look at it and download it if you like my Peach cursor set. Enjoy!

Vlazteron (2019-11-15 16:12:03 / 5 stars):

Great inspiration on this!

RIDDLER (2019-11-15 16:39:53):

Yes it is.

Vlazteron (2019-12-01 18:20:50):

Really good cursors, keep up the good work, I like a lot this combination. Your sets are very unique.

RIDDLER (2019-12-01 19:59:22):

My sets are unique. This combination of two colors is amazing.

Unknown author (2020-07-09 06:13:18):

why not use a yin' yang image and resize it so it can take some space on the busy and working on background cursors?

RIDDLER (2020-08-10 05:12:48):

I prefer the way I crafted this cursor set. If I used an image instead, I would not have come up with the look that I expected.

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