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sixλxis (2010-03-06 03:13:24 / 5 stars):

i came... to get some cursors.


5/5 for adding animation!

Unknown author (2010-06-25 14:49:53):

these are sickkk

PlUmPaSsChIcKeN (2010-07-17 07:47:21):

How were you able to get them larger than 32x32?

Unknown author (2010-07-21 21:12:11):

Actually, they are SMALLER than 32x32. Is your screen resolution set lower than your computer recommends perhaps?

JDDellGuy (2010-07-21 21:13:54):

oops, that was me not logged in.

Unknown author (2010-11-06 16:32:56):

Thhat Is Awesome

Davez (2010-11-27 19:17:09 / 4 stars):

Look awesome! Although I don't need 'em, they're good!

Unknown author (2010-12-02 22:21:58):

estan muy buenos

Unknown author (2011-06-07 04:14:05):

Also nice

Unknown author (2011-06-20 05:56:36):

these are great using them on school laptop

Unknown author (2011-07-05 22:41:59):

Muy Bueno :-D

kort065897 (2011-08-08 06:45:11):

Very good!
I like green! :-D

koby_elian2000 (2011-08-24 22:23:22 / 5 stars):

I like all things transparent, glossy, and glowing!!!

koby_elian2000 (2011-08-24 22:24:28):


Ricon (2011-11-12 16:33:01 / 3.5 stars):

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tech-god (2012-03-29 10:36:51 / 4.5 stars):

Excellent Cursors. 8-)

Unknown author (2012-05-12 00:46:30):

Excellent Cursors ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-)

cdl (2013-01-18 08:24:13 / 4.5 stars):

Very nice animation!
Surely it can make or break a set!
These are so much more impressive with the movement!

Nice job!

icon-image/5945-32x32x32.png image

Unknown author (2013-11-21 14:00:27):


Unknown author (2013-12-21 22:20:53):

One tiny thing which bugs me... not really a problem, they look amazing, but the vertical and diagonal pointers are different sizes... so yeah. Nothing in particular, really. I could just it myself really, but im lazy

K-joy-programer12 (2014-01-18 14:53:49 / 5 stars):

Nice cursors! :-) It is sure cool to see the cursors with the green. Smooth animation to. 8-)

Unknown author (2014-02-01 13:53:20):

better than the static version... by far

works really well with nvidia or poison theme :-D

Unknown author (2014-02-27 20:46:00):

This is now my cursor :-D ;-) :-D

Unknown author (2014-06-02 06:47:13):

using these now :-D :-D

AJaxx (2016-04-06 18:54:39 / 4.5 stars):

I bet these look really good on a dark background, like laser cursors with just a thin line. Animations are smooth. Nice looking set. Good work.

Unknown author (2016-04-27 19:11:48):

Could you please do a red trim curser? :-)

Unknown author (2017-03-03 14:45:39):


Unknown author (2017-04-24 21:58:53):

Cyan/blue trim FTW

Unknown author (2018-09-16 13:17:53):

Blue Version?

xDarkL (2019-12-11 05:45:07 / 5 stars):

really greaat :-) :-) :-)

Unknown author (2020-03-28 15:17:44):

Good Cursor! the animation is realy good! im using now! ;-)

Unknown author (2020-05-10 19:38:40):

gj thanks

Unknown author (2020-10-12 02:01:52):

ilike this thank you

Unknown author (2021-01-19 17:29:34):

Any way to make this purple?
was using it for my green setup, but now it's purple, and I love the design...

Froggo (2021-05-09 19:29:04 / 5 stars):

this is good thanks :-D

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