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Show me the bugs, I'll squash 'em!

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Metallic Cursors (8 cursors)

Released on September 26th 2011 by sixλxis

A dark metallic theme with bright blues and white shadows.

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RealWorld Adobe Style TeaserRealWorld Adobe Style Icons
by sixλxis561The default logos for each software with an Adobe Creative Suite styl...
Metallic TeaserMetallic Cursors
by sixλxis2746A dark metallic theme with bright blues and white shadows.
Portal Extended TeaserPortal Extended Cursors
by sixλxis4445My second revision of portal cursors, these took a very long time to ...
Google Chromium TeaserGoogle Chromium Cursors
by sixλxis2093Made by Request. Google Chromium cursors copyright of Google(C). Ripp...
Extension 2 TeaserExtension 2 Icons
by sixλxis2222My second version of Extensions! These are much darker themed and hav...
Holoball TeaserHoloball Cursors
by sixλxis981A fruity coloured ball with a neat animation. I got inspiration from ...
CircleSpin TeaserCircleSpin Cursors
by sixλxis1510An ambidextrous cursor that utilizes the natural flow of a circle for...
Bevel Attempts TeaserBevel Attempts Cursors
by sixλxis1712These cursors are based around my knowledge of "Bevel". Includes 1 bo...
Blueberry TeaserBlueberry Cursors
by sixλxis5424 of the most commonly used cursors plus a bonus cursor i was just me...
Extension TeaserExtension Icons
by sixλxis1677All the most common extensions! Includes: mp3,mp4,mpeg,ogg,wav,wmv,wm...

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user icon sixλxis forum moderator on April 2nd 2012

I'll send you a red paint can which you can find in the Workshop.

user icon Nintendo registered user on April 5th 2012

thank you so much for the flashlight

user icon Anonymous on April 12th 2012

thanks for the fantaaaaastic effort 8-)

user icon Lost Girl registered user on April 12th 2012

Bug-ffinder, eh? I hope there's a rank for that...;)

user icon -V- registered user on September 26th 2012

-V- Here , ^_^ Thanks for commenting on my Gun cursor's all those many years ago XD , I sadly recently just found the site again. :-D

user icon Noah Bear registered user on June 20th 2015

Please icon-image/7276-16x16x32.png image or everything will be -10000

user icon SoaringEagle789 registered user on June 24th 2015

Hey, sixaxis. It's me, that guy who used to be SoaringEagle. I decided to change my nickname, and I just wanted to apologize for all the past times I've sounded weird, immature, or dumb around you, you're sets, or you critiquing my sets. I was just that typical internet noob, not understanding it and being weird on it. If you want, you may delete my old, "dumb" comments on your Portal cursor sets, because those comments were a bit repetitive and were just cheap. I mean, I just find it entertaining that I was actually ASKING you to check out my sets and directly linking them with my shameless advertising. At the same time, I bet you and I both find it strange.

user icon Batuzanx registered user on July 9th 2017

i got orange name color

i mean coral name color

user icon Batuzanx registered user on August 15th 2017

i got green name color

user icon Anonymous on April 25th

I luv sixλxis

user icon Anonymous
Vista & Win 7 icons
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