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Retired forum moderator. Creator of Aura, Glow, and Jellybean site backgrounds. Cosmic Journey soundtrack contributor. Want a red spray paint for your username? Ask nicely!

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Inverted Circle Cursors (17 cursors)

Released on June 30th 2019 by sixλxis

A full set of circular cursors (including the Windows 10 'Location' and 'Person' cursors) in inverted pixel format.

Useful for those with poor vision (or big screens)!


Latest art

Inverted Circle TeaserInverted Circle Cursors
by sixλxis2613A full set of circular cursors (including the Windows 10 'Location' a...
RealWorld Adobe Style TeaserRealWorld Adobe Style Icons
by sixλxis632The default logos for each software with an Adobe Creative Suite styl...
Metallic TeaserMetallic Cursors
by sixλxis4273A dark metallic theme with bright blues and white shadows.
Portal Extended TeaserPortal Extended Cursors
by sixλxis5349My second revision of portal cursors, these took a very long time to ...
Google Chromium TeaserGoogle Chromium Cursors
by sixλxis3007Made by Request. Google Chromium cursors copyright of Google(C). Ripp...
Extension 2 TeaserExtension 2 Icons
by sixλxis2408My second version of Extensions! These are much darker themed and hav...
Holoball TeaserHoloball Cursors
by sixλxis1325A fruity coloured ball with a neat animation. I got inspiration from ...
CircleSpin TeaserCircleSpin Cursors
by sixλxis2413An ambidextrous cursor that utilizes the natural flow of a circle for...
Bevel Attempts TeaserBevel Attempts Cursors
by sixλxis4445These cursors are based around my knowledge of "Bevel". Includes 1 bo...
Blueberry TeaserBlueberry Cursors
by sixλxis9424 of the most commonly used cursors plus a bonus cursor i was just me...

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user icon ファントム registered user on September 30th 2021


user icon The Derpy Girl contributing user on November 10th 2021

You're back! :-D

rsrc/paulasignature.png image

user icon ★彡囧ɢʟɪᴛᴄʜ.ᴋʀᴍ囧彡★ registered user on March 13th 2022

Can I have red spray please rlly need it and love ya cursors!

user icon eeveelover64 registered user on March 15th 2022

earn it yourself

user icon Anonymous on April 11th 2022

amung us

user icon sixλxis forum moderator on April 21st 2022


For anyone visiting my profile in 2022, I realize many of my cursor sets and icons are pretty awful, but they were made many years ago, back when I was still a teenager and unfamiliar with technology, so please forgive their quality. I also don't come by very often anymore since there hasn't been any new software since 2015, but I do occasionally pop in just to check up on things. Thank you for visiting and taking the time to comment though! Oh, and if you would still like a red spray paint for your username, I still give those out if you ask nicely, it just might be a while for me to get back to you.

user icon nightklp registered user on April 21st 2022

yes i notice it tbh

but the worst is some of people are copied other people cursor its still a thing this day :/

user icon ツ☪ MiMi Destino ♡♥ contributing user on April 28th 2022

hello :-D icon-image/9565-16x16x32.png image

user icon Account not found registered user on August 3rd 2022

Hi icon-image/23970-16x16x32.png image


user icon ツ☪ spunch_bop♡♥ registered user on November 10th 2022

hi icon-image/23970-16x16x32.png image

user icon Anonymous
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