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RIDDLER (2019-11-20 06:20:46):

Pixel cursors, 1x1 size.

RIDDLER (2019-11-20 20:17:30):

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Vlazteron (2019-11-30 18:18:45 / 4.5 stars):

Ok, but I have a question. What was the purpose when you made this cursor set? I don't have any idea why you made this cursor set. But the concept is very interesting.

RIDDLER (2019-11-30 21:38:06):

I made this cursor set to provide a possibility that it showcases that it is possible to make a canvas that is 1x1 pixels in size. This is actually a fake cursor set because there are only 1x1 pixels which is not enough space to draw cursors.

Don't worry, this is only a demonstration of what the extremely small canvas 1x1 sizes can be.

Vlazteron (2019-12-12 01:12:33):

Then, you should change the licnese to For Evaluation Purposes Only

RIDDLER (2019-12-12 05:56:29):

OK. Done.

RIDDLER (2019-12-17 01:31:29):


Unknown author (2020-02-21 20:53:48):

Yay, my cursor can be a pixel! But why? I don't know!

RIDDLER (2020-02-22 04:49:39):

This set is only a 1x1 cursor set, so it will be a pixel square.

Unknown author (2020-09-29 21:20:59):


RIDDLER (2020-09-29 22:15:56):

It is supposed to be this way.

IMakeNothingImportant (2021-09-07 16:05:34):

As Master.Oogway once said: "There are no accidents. Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. But today is a gift, that is why it's called the present."

RIDDLER (2021-09-08 07:52:35):

Today is your cursor gift.

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