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RIDDLER (2019-11-22 02:11:09 / 5 stars):

Very nice blue glitter cursors.

You forgot to add the Horizontal cursor. Please add it.

Vlazteron (2019-11-22 02:18:22):

I explained it on the description, the owners of these cursors didn't add a Horizontal Resize cursor role, sorry. :-(

RIDDLER (2019-11-22 02:43:51):

I know, but please add one. All you need to do is to load the Vertical cursor into RW Cursor Editor and rotate the image 90 degrees so that the cursor becomes horizontal. Then select Save As and save the file as "Horizontal Resize" as the cursor name. Please do that. Its easy.

Please note that the owners of this cursor pack forgot to add a Horizontal cursor. You must add one yourself by follow my above instructions.

snickerdoodle (2019-11-22 04:56:31 / 5 stars):


RIDDLER (2019-11-22 05:43:24):

Looks like I need to make the Horizontal cursor myself.

Vlazteron (2019-11-22 21:03:06):

I did it! It looks like it's hotspot it's on the wrong place but you'll see that it isn't on the wrong place, the hotspot is down for some reason. Delete the zip file and the extracted file, then, re-download it.

RIDDLER (2019-11-22 23:01:34):

The hotspot of the horizontal cursor is in the correct place. Thank you so much for adding this missing cursor. Your Blue Glitter cursor set is now complete.

Vlazteron (2019-11-22 23:05:10):

You're welcome.

RIDDLER (2019-11-22 23:55:27):

Please can you make a Green Glitter cursor set like this with more animation frames and larger cursors.

Please don't forget to add your avatar as an icon.

Thank you.

Vlazteron (2019-11-23 02:38:20):

Well, I'm not that good making those kind of cursors, I might recolor these, probably you'll like it. Do you want it in that way at least?

RIDDLER (2019-11-23 02:55:51):

Yes, please make a Green Glitter cursor set, but please make the cursors bigger. Make sure to double check that your hotspots are in the right place before you upload the set, and also make sure that you set has 15 cursor roles.

Good luck.

Rain (2019-11-23 03:06:54 / 5 stars):

so shiny i really like. i will use these cursors, nice glitter effects. any way you could make them in pink?

Vlazteron (2019-11-23 03:23:01):

RIDDLER, I try to do it but I don't know how to resize it. Could you help me?

RIDDLER (2019-11-23 04:07:52):

If you don't know how to resize the cursors, then just recolor your pre-existing Blue Glitter set on your hard drive, then upload it as a new cursor set.

Please name the new cursor set "Green Glitter" cursor set.

Vlazteron (2019-11-23 04:18:57):

Ok, I'll do it.

RIDDLER (2019-11-23 04:54:08):

Thank you very much.

Please keep your Blue Glitter set on this site.

Vlazteron (2019-11-23 23:26:08):

I uploaded 2 cursors! Check out the lastest page from the cursor junkyard and you'll see it. icon-image/5300-32x32x32.png image

RIDDLER (2019-11-24 02:35:19):

What? I have asked you to upload a full set of 15 cursor roles. Please recolor your original cursors from this set and upload a full set of 15 cursor roles in Green Glitter. Please make the set complete.

Vlazteron (2019-11-24 04:47:36):

I said you I uploaded 2 cursors from the set, the set isn't created yet, I just wanted to know if you liked the look.

RIDDLER (2019-11-24 05:03:33):

Yes, I like the look. Please upload all your 15 cursors and then upload the full set. Name it "Green Glitter" cursor set.

Vlazteron (2019-11-24 16:03:09):

Today I've made the Green Glitter cursor set, check it out on the gallery!

C0$M!C G0D (2019-11-25 04:30:21 / 5 stars):

They look nice! both the green and the blue ones look really nice.
I like the glitter effects, but they are a little too fast

Vlazteron (2019-11-25 19:08:55):

Thanks, COOL CUR$OR$. Sorry if the effects are a little too fast. But it's because I reuploaded them. Those cursors aren't from me. I don't own them, I gave the credit to TotallyFreeCursors, since they made the set.

jessicatgirl12 (2019-11-26 21:42:57 / 5 stars):

I love blue and glitter, particularly when it has great animations. I really think your creativity and animation skills shine when it comes to this set. The sparkle is authentic and cool, and I thank you for that. My favorite are the busy cursors because I've just discovered that I really love those types of cursors! Idk why really, but I guess that animations are just too good! You deserve more than 88 downloads haha. The quality is great, hotspots in the right place and you obviously spent a lot of time on this! Good job! Keep making more! I came from the green cursor and I say I love the way you group your sets and how you're super thoughtful of what goes into a set!

Vlazteron (2019-11-27 01:31:35):

Thank you very much, jessicatgirl12!

cooolgamer (2019-12-03 20:23:04 / 5 stars):

:-D I LOVE IT!!! its beatiful. amazing!!! 8-)

Vlazteron (2019-12-13 18:51:10):

Ok? Please, share more creative feedback next time.

Vlazteron (2019-12-14 21:23:26):

amazing work!

Vlazteron (2019-12-14 21:32:25):

:-) icon-image/14468-16x16x32.png image |-) icon-image/14486-16x16x32.png image

Unknown author (2020-08-10 23:51:08):

So frickin pretty :-D :-D

Unknown author (2021-01-06 04:00:27):

nice one

Unknown author (2021-02-06 04:16:58):

i dontg like it ugh

Unknown author (2021-03-16 15:25:05):

so nice

Artsy00 (2021-03-26 00:04:48 / 4.5 stars):

I love the sparkles and my favorite color is Blue! :-)

♠♣♥♦Liyan Graphicsツ (2021-09-24 08:36:21 / 5 stars):

Genius bro! icon-image/22925-16x16x32.png image

Unknown author (2021-09-30 09:28:31):

i can't download it easily very much struggle

Justiinಠ_ಠ (2021-11-16 20:25:05 / 4.5 stars):

Fantastic job! I would slow down the animation to make them a little more realistic.

Unknown author (2021-11-26 09:09:47):

Wonderful Job! My Favourite Colour Is Blue :-D

Unknown author (2022-04-01 23:06:59):


Unknown author (2022-10-01 08:38:42):


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