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Vlasta (2010-03-27 01:08:04):

Obligatory question: did you made them or just re-uploaded them. Some of them look very familiar. Only your own cursors are allowed here.

sixλxis (2010-03-28 01:19:26):

Yeah, i think ive seen that fire one...

JDDellGuy (2010-03-30 01:15:31):

The dino actually comes from Windows. Although maybe in a different color...

Xelm (2011-03-22 08:21:54):

The Green one is AMAZING! ;DD

Unknown author (2014-01-07 11:03:52):

All of those have been uploaded from somewhere else. NOT ONE OF THEM ARE YOURS. The loading on is from Spore, Dino from windows, skull fire and lightning sourced online from games and others. This should be taken down immediately if you do not want to infringe upon copyright laws.

Unknown author (2014-08-03 22:31:48):


Unknown author (2015-10-15 14:55:54):


Unknown author (2015-10-29 23:32:14):

Legal bem LOKO! :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D

Unknown author (2016-11-30 17:44:59):


Unknown author (2018-12-11 04:41:23):


Unknown author (2019-10-11 23:11:58):

can we use them?

Unknown author (2020-09-02 00:58:33):

son memes del 1513

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