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RIDDLER (2020-01-26 02:00:45 / 5 stars):

Wow. I like these cursors. Too bad they are not animated.

Unknown author (2020-01-27 19:18:55):

Please stop posting bad words on this website please

CutePusheenLove (2020-01-28 01:53:20):

Yeah hehe. so funny. You're just usin' all this bad language to surprise everyone but it's getting annoying now

snickerdoodle (2020-01-30 03:51:23 / 5 stars):

wow the sunset one tho

Unknown author (2020-01-31 00:01:30):

wwow this sucks just broke my laptop dont use this

Unknown author (2020-02-01 11:15:21):


Unknown author (2020-02-01 13:55:45):

In my opinion this website is very good if you got bored of that anoying white cursor

Unknown author (2020-02-07 00:52:08):


Unknown author (2020-02-24 16:40:18):

8-) 8-) 8-) :-D very god are very happy

Unknown author (2020-03-04 08:59:28):


4W2 (2020-03-09 13:49:19 / 4.5 stars):

god, these anons are being tough on you. probably the fact that they are anonymous. but, i like these cursors personally. i just think you should have done a bit more with gradients, like link select, or working in background.

Unknown author (2020-03-29 05:06:29):


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