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Rando (2020-08-24 17:34:48 / 2.5 stars):

You mispelled pac-man.

not used anymore (2020-08-24 19:42:21 / 3.5 stars):

The hotspot is offset a bit, it needs to be in the right place. and it's spelled Pac-Man, not PackMan.


RIDDLER (2020-08-24 20:35:48 / 4.5 stars):

Pacman ghosts. Please make a new set on a 3D animated Pacman. The hotspots are a bit off set. Please re-position them correctly.

QUEEN (2020-08-25 08:54:12):

sry i dont really play it soo

i cant really change the hotspot that is what u have to do if u dont know how i can show you

eeveelover64 (2020-08-25 16:41:05 / 0.5 stars):

yes u can, also, give the pac-man ghosts their PROPER names, also, thats not how u spell pac-man

QUEEN (2020-08-25 20:06:04):

umm idk how to change it so sry

eeveelover64 (2020-08-26 00:02:41):

well first, re-download them and rename them, remove these ones, and add the new ones

and click modify cursor set, name or description and change the name and file name, also, how do u NOT now how 2 spell pac-man?

not used anymore (2020-08-27 01:30:05):

This is mind blowing, you don't know how to spell pac-man, you could also call the ghosts by their names.

For example the red one is called Blinky
The pink one is Pinky

I think you're too young at this.

QUEEN (2020-08-27 13:42:23):

ummm your to old at this

not used anymore (2020-08-27 15:03:40):

And? That means I have more knowledge than you. I have enough capacity to make a good cursor set. Vlasta, the website administrator and owner, is also old.

eeveelover64 (2020-08-28 14:45:19):

And they say they're 16...

Rando (2020-08-29 14:45:16):

The hotspots are off a bit, and I realized it was another copy, paste, recolor. |-)

Vlazteron (2020-09-05 18:43:09 / 0.5 stars):


ll (2020-09-10 02:35:09 / 1.5 stars):

I can make these cursors pretty easily, trace an image of one of the Pac-Man Ghosts, then recolour. It takes about 3 minutes to make these cursors. I'd recommend you work HARDER, and probably make "PAC-MAN" himself. Simple cursors, 2/5. :/

Supa Starman (2020-09-10 20:12:57 / 3.5 stars):

Can you guys take your negative energy to things that actually matter,
instead of getting all riled up over a silly recolor? wow.. and you say she's immature..
no offence. like there's so much horrible crap going on in the world but no, you get mad over a recolor. really?

eeveelover64 (2020-09-11 17:00:30):

yes, because it's lazy and takes no effort, make sets that actually takes effort

Vlazteron (2020-09-11 20:03:14):

Supa, you dont know whats quality, dont you?

Unknown author (2020-11-06 16:07:08):

Oh shut up queen, you don't even know how to put your fricken cursors in a right place, so please, don't comment like if you were some savage, cause you aren't, you are a horrible loser, that doesn't know how to make cursors.

ʄʟɨӼ (2021-03-16 16:40:55 / 4 stars):

Calm down... Its a freaking cursor set sheesh. I am assuming she is young, so creating this is really good for her age. Just because someone is old, doesn't mean they can't make cursors. Same way around. Who knows, maybe she'll be in first place in authors one day. If you looked at my first cursors, they don't compare to these. AND I'M ONLY 14!!

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