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Rando (2020-08-28 20:29:34 / 5 stars):


RIDDLER (2020-08-29 03:36:52 / 2.5 stars):

Those pointers are amazing. You need to fix the hotspots for the cross cursors.

QUEEN (2020-08-29 09:04:34):

ok thx i guess

Unknown author (2020-08-29 09:32:48):

nice set i got white and black

Rando (2020-08-29 14:43:21):

So, even though this is a recolor, it's not lazy this time.

QUEEN (2020-08-29 16:08:43):


QUEEN (2020-08-30 14:16:33):


eeveelover64 (2020-08-30 15:08:07 / 0.5 stars):


Unknown author (2020-08-31 01:54:15):


eeveelover64 (2020-08-31 02:57:56):


Unknown author (2020-09-02 14:53:24):

This thread is probably really old, but these are awesome.

Unknown author (2020-09-02 18:49:36):

theese are amazing thank you :-D

4 stars

eeveelover64 (2020-09-02 19:47:26):

and just stop making recolors, they are uncreative and unoriginal, start making original sets

pokemon (2020-09-02 21:57:58 / 5 stars):


i like this recolor their pretty sick

QUEEN (2020-09-02 22:07:17):

oh yeah and what are u gonna do if i dont stopp evee

eeveelover64 (2020-09-03 01:13:50):

still rate them a rating i give them, i still get buttons in return so, i can actually make buttons off of u, so ur like my button cow, meaning i can can milk the ever-living SHIT off of u, moron.

Vlazteron (2020-09-03 03:44:08 / 0.5 stars):


Can you please stop this annoying recoloring stuff and be more original?

Unknown author (2020-09-03 11:10:34):

OK i am very sorry but i HATE these i really HATE HATE HATE these

Unknown author (2020-09-03 20:23:00):

: -o 8-) meu windows 10 ficou chavoso adorei esse conjunto vou trocar a cada dia

Unknown author (2020-09-03 20:52:18):

eevee lover is just a werido if he really likes eevee hes just a noob,queen, these are amazing. dont listen to eevee hes just a stuck up

eeveelover64 (2020-09-03 23:05:26):

not how u spell "weirdo"

Vlazteron (2020-09-04 02:56:18):

I bet QUEEN is just faking accounts, clearly I think that QUEEN is just stupid, and does everything to get to the top of everyone, poor soul. Anonymous is clearly an idiot. You can see it's fake by the way she speaks.

Unknown author (2020-09-04 19:47:07):

no yoour an idiot.

janjb1212epicroblox (2020-09-04 19:55:45):

no yoour an idiot.

Vlazteron u are

Vlazteron (2020-09-04 21:25:23):

You are the true idiot, and I clearly have no idea if you are QUEEN, but I think you are QUEEN.

Unknown author (2020-09-05 05:11:58):

bruh whats happening here

Vlazteron (2020-09-05 18:33:59):

What you are doing is basically ruining the frontpage with your terrible sets.

Unknown author (2020-09-06 01:15:07):

its thr robox cursors put with rainbow thing

its really ugly corsors

eeveelover64 (2020-09-06 03:30:03):

u do realise, roblox didn't invent tailless, right?

Unknown author (2020-09-06 16:14:30):

Why yall hating lmfao its pretty cool

robloxianmanroblox55 (2020-09-06 21:24:35):

i am giving this 000000000000000000000.01

Unknown author (2020-09-07 05:56:17):

These are really cool. thank you.

QUEEN (2020-09-07 09:56:17):


Unknown author (2020-09-07 12:50:23):

bruh ;-)

Unknown author (2020-09-08 19:24:32):

Y is every one hating lmao ;-)

Unknown author (2020-09-08 21:34:55):

i really like it

Unknown author (2020-09-08 22:29:08):

why is everyone hating on this lol i kinda like it

Vlazteron (2020-09-09 01:19:57):

Ever heard of opinions...

Unknown author (2020-09-09 02:59:50):

these are cool

Unknown author (2020-09-09 16:11:29):

ngl I really like this

Unknown author (2020-09-09 22:31:19):

its not working for me

ll (2020-09-10 02:30:06):

this is neat

Unknown author (2020-09-10 20:09:47):

i love it 8-)

Supa Starman (2020-09-10 20:30:43 / 4.5 stars):

You people who tell Queen her cursors suck are just as bad as those people who call kids drawings "cringe". it's sad, really sad. these cursors aren't hurting anyone, they're simple. that's not a horrible thing.
I like these cursors, they're not as crappy as most people say. they're not the best thing ever, but they're not lame like the other people are saying.

Unknown author (2020-09-11 03:06:06):

I don't say they suck I guess she needs to put more effort that's all

QUEEN (2020-09-11 14:06:46):


eeveelover64 (2020-09-11 16:58:14):

yeah, put more effort in2 it

Unknown author (2020-09-12 05:42:11):


Unknown author (2020-09-13 02:39:54):

Great job on the cursors! keep up the fantastic work!

Unknown author (2020-09-14 06:05:29):


JimmyM0816 (2020-09-14 16:25:01):

Lol i Love it wow

Unknown author (2020-09-15 06:36:56):

noice ;-)

Unknown author (2020-09-16 03:34:49):

wdym put more effort in2 it ???? bro im p sure queen purposely made them look simple, stfu they're pretty unlike ur ass

Unknown author (2020-09-16 17:29:45):

They are really good

eeveelover64 (2020-09-16 19:42:58):

meaning put more effort in2 future sets, dumbass

huskydessert (2020-09-17 22:14:32 / 5 stars):


i like it its really cool

eeveelover64 (2020-09-17 22:39:13):

queens alt, spotted again!

QUEEN (2020-09-17 22:45:22):

what is wrong with u i dont have an alt i dont even know how to do that like are u mentle or somthing

eeveelover64 (2020-09-17 23:03:23):

first of all, *mental
second of all, just log out and create a new account, boom alt account
third of all thats what a person who has an alt account would say.

Unknown author (2020-09-18 02:29:40):

Bruh eeveelover64 chill out dud

eeveelover64 (2020-09-18 02:50:39):


Unknown author (2020-09-18 14:05:38):

chill dude

Brazil (2020-09-18 15:14:39 / 0.5 stars):


RIDDLER (2020-09-18 17:04:06):

Its good to have mixed colors, but please fix your hotspots on the crosses cursors.

Unknown author (2020-09-24 18:41:49):

tf happened here i just want cursors

Unknown author (2020-09-24 22:00:19):

i need help it wont work

Unknown author (2020-09-27 04:57:21):

i love thos cursor :-D :-D

Unknown author (2020-10-02 04:45:25):

Can you add link PLZ

Unknown author (2020-10-11 12:53:57):

COOL :-)

Unknown author (2020-10-15 22:24:34):

is very good :-D :-)

freddysq1969@gmail.com (2020-10-15 22:29:42):

i dont anosadadad mala queen :-o |-) |-) :-(

a i love this

thank you

Unknown author (2020-10-16 15:45:57):


Rando (2020-10-19 00:36:44):

And why did this get many downloads?

Unknown author (2020-10-27 06:57:44):

bruhh i like it but theres a spanigh i cant read it and somethimes im puttin it wrong :-(

Unknown author (2020-11-10 01:59:55):

Can you make the crosshair selecter in the middle plz?

Unknown author (2020-11-11 21:50:21):

is that roblox cursor

Unknown author (2020-11-12 04:43:30):

:-D It is the bestttt :-D ;-)

R0mKa (2020-12-25 14:23:51):

Honestly i hate these girls that call themselves "queens". Like there's a lot of better people than you, and you still say you're a "queen", which is pretty cringy and bad. Plus if you do cursors, don't do recolors. Have like a Normal Select Red and Pink colors, and add after that the other cursors. Sorry for long text, but seriously i don't like you, "queen".

ʄʟɨӼ (2021-03-31 17:06:27 / 4.5 stars):

People can do recolors, I do it lol. Also, Queen is a fine name, I agree it is a bit cringe, but you can't say that to someone who has over 22 fricking thousand downloads! That's more than All of my cursor sets combined! I like these! although they are a bit off theme. I'll give you a 4.5/5, because I can tell you take your time on your cursors.

ツ☪ NaLexnu ♡♥ (2021-05-25 08:29:19 / 3.5 stars):

Look similars to another cursors

i been seen here on rw

designer, you need allways write on

the description the autor of the cursors

dont matter if you recolor the cursors

all of the cross have the hotspot on wrong spot

fix and reuploadem for a better rate

Unknown author (2021-08-11 10:55:44):


Unknown author (2022-04-25 23:41:13):


Unknown author (2022-09-10 22:19:44):

I really like it. Thank you. :-D :-D

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